Kevin Hart’s HartBeat Receives $100M Funding, What is His Net Worth in 2023?

Kevin Hart Net Worth

In recent years, Kevin Hart has done it all: he’s been a successful comedian, movie actor, producer, and commercial spokesperson; he’s just slowed down recently to recover from a major car accident.

He has achieved phenomenal success and money as a result of his talent and effort. It’s true that Hart has substantial wealth. But how much money does Kevin Hart actually have? Read on to find out how much he is worth and how he got there.

Kevin Hart Net Worth

One of the highest-paid entertainers in the world, Kevin Hart is an American comedian, producer, spokesman, and actor. Kevin Hart is worth $450 million at the time of this writing.

Kevin made $90 million from various sources between August 2015 and August 2016, including tours, movies, merchandising, sponsorships, and more. Kevin made $60,000,000 between June 2017 and June 2018. In the twelve months between June 2018 and June 2019, he made an additional $60 million. He made $40,000,000 in the subsequent 12-month period.

Kevin Hart’s HartBeat Receives $100M Funding

Kevin’s new media company, HartBeat, received $100 million in funding in May of 2022. Abry Partners, a private equity group, invested, giving HartBeat a $650 million valuation. In addition to making a profit on his initial investment of $100 million, Kevin now has a $552 million share in the company.

Kevin Hart’s Stand-Up Earnings

According to Forbes, Hart made nearly $1 million from each of his 2016 stand-up shows. After covering costs and sharing the earnings with venues, promoters, and his staff, just how much of that Hart keeps for himself is unknown, but given his commercial acumen, it’s likely to be substantial.

In 2016, His Earnings Surpassed Those of Jerry Seinfeld

In 2016, His Earnings Surpassed Those of Jerry Seinfeld

In 2016, Hart earned an astounding $87.5 million thanks to his successful arena tour, endorsement deals with H&M, Hyundai, and Foot Locker, and his starring part in the financially successful animated film The Secret Life of Pets.

(To put Hart’s fortune in perspective, Jerry Seinfeld, the second highest-paid comic in 2016, made $30 million less than Hart.) Only he, Andrew Dice Clay (the first to do it twice), Louis C.K., Bill Burr, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Aziz Ansari, Dane Cook, Amy Schumer, and Russell Peters have ever sold out Madison Square Garden.

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Kevin Hart’s Real Estate Portfolio: From Tarzana to Calabasas

Kevin bought a home in Tarzana, California, for $1.99 million in 2012. In the middle of 2019, he sold the house for $2.75 million. Kevin now lives mostly in a mansion within a gated community in Calabasas. He spent $1.35 million in 2015 to acquire the 26-acre parcel of undeveloped land.

He spent the next two years plotting and waiting for permission to construct a house there. In April of 2017, after waiting for months, he was given the go-light to build a $5 million compound. The main house on the property is a Spanish villa design and spans 9,600 square feet.

According to reports from 2021, Kevin Hart spent $7 million to purchase the adjacent mansion in Calabasas, boosting the total area of his property in the L.A. neighborhood to 42 acres.

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