Kochi Anime Creator Awards Invites Creators from Around the World

Kochi Anime Creator Awards Invites Creators from Around the World

A bank called Kochi Shinkin Bank, which has its headquarters in Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, announced on July 31 that it will start taking submissions for the “Kochi Anime Creator Awards” on October 1 in order to find and support animators. The Grand Prize-winning art will be displayed to the entire world, and the total prize money is 30 million yen (about 210,000 USD).

For the “Kochi Anime Creator Sanctuary Project,” which aims to draw anime-related businesses and creators to the prefecture, generate jobs, and energize the neighborhood, the bank has been collaborating with Kochi Prefecture’s industrial promotion plan in honor of the institution’s 100th anniversary. The “Kochi Anime Creator Awards” are one of numerous anime-related events that have been held by the project in various cities.

Short animation works of any style and length, from 90 seconds to 15 minutes, will be accepted as long as they are produced after 2020. The contest will run from October 1, 2023, until January 10, 2024. All participants are eligible to apply, regardless of age or place of residence, and international applications are also accepted.

Here is a relatable tweet posted by Kochi_anikuri:

The 30 works that are nominated will be chosen by a panel of expert judges, and the public vote will decide the Grand Prix and other prizes. The creative chosen for the Grand Prix will be given the opportunity to produce an animation that will be displayed at the “Animation Creator Awards 2025” and have his or her work seen by a global audience.

Future updates will be made on the contest’s unique website (https://www.anikuri.jp/) and Twitter account (@kochi_anikuri).

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