Korean Singer Choi Sung Bong Cause of De@th: How Far Did He Get on Korea’s Got Talent?

Korean Singer Choi Sung Bong Cause of Death

The de@th of a beloved TV personality is always a shock. Despite our lack of personal familiarity, we feel saddened by their passing. In particular when they are taken too early.

Choi Sung-bong, a participant in Korea’s Got Talent, is a good example. Choi Sung-bong, 33, was discovered deceased in his Seoul, Korea, residence on June 20. What ultimately led to de@th? Learn the full story down below.

Korean Singer Choi Sung Bong Cause of De@th

Opera singer Choi Sung-bong of South Korea, who placed second in the talent competition Korea’s Got Talent in 2011, has reportedly committed suicide.

Reports indicate that the 33-year-old singer was discovered de@d in his home in the Yeoksam-dong neighborhood of Southern Seoul at 9:41 am on Tuesday, June 20.

The tweet below confirms the de@th of Choi Sung Bong:

In 2011, Choi began his career as a musician after impressing viewers of the Korean talent program Korea’s Got Talent with his performance of “Nella Fantasia” by Ennio Morricone. His performance became viral, reaching millions of people, and has received over 21 million views on YouTube despite his coming in second place by only 280 votes.

Choi’s life changed drastically after his success on the show; he obtained a recording contract with the Korean label Bong Bong Business and released a memoir about his rise from obscurity.

However, Choi has had to deal with some personal difficulties in recent years. In 2021, he announced he was facing several different types of cancer, triggering a drive to raise money for his care. His fans were let down when they learned that this assertion was untrue.

The musician apologized to his fans and said he would refund their money.

Choi’s suicide has been attributed to “circumstances at his home” according to the Seoul police investigation.

Choi posted a YouTube video apologizing for his behavior and promising to reimburse all donations the day before he committed suicide.

Choi wrote in his suicide note, “I sincerely apologize to all who suffered from my foolish mistake.” – including work by Jacob Maquiling/Rappler.com

Intern at Rappler, Jacob Maquiling.

The Department of Health, through the National Center for Mental Health, has a national crisis hotline to assist people with mental health concerns. The hotline can be reached at 1553, which is a Luzon-wide, toll-free landline number, 0917-899-8727 and 0966-351-4518 for Globe and TM subscribers, and 0908-639-2672 for Smart and Sun subscribers.

Who Was Choi Sung-bong?

Who was Choi Sung-bong

Like Susan Boyle’s performances on the British edition of the show, Choi’s on Korea’s Got Talent resembled a “rags-to-riches” story.

At the age of 22, he revealed to the panel of judges that he had been orphaned as a youngster, that he had to sleep on the streets, and that he had to take odd jobs to make ends meet before he could afford to go to college.

He signed with Sony Music Korea after his performance of Nella Fantasia by Ennio Morricone in a talent contest.

How Far Did He Get on Korea’s Got Talent?

Choi was eliminated in the finals by dancer Joo Min-jungby by a mere 280 votes.

This is great, Justin Bieber said in response to the video. Good luck to him, and never say never. Fantastic read.

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