S*x and the City Actress Kristin Davis’s Net Worth: She Sells Brentwood Home for $2.45 Million

Kristin Davis Net Worth

The role of Charlotte York (later Goldenblatt) in S*x and the City made Kristin Davis a household name.

The actress continued to portray the part throughout the show’s six-season run and two sequels S*x and the City films (which were never planned when the series ended).

In the most recent Max miniseries And Just Like That… (everyone returned but Kim Cattrall), Davis reprised her role as Charlotte.

Davis, though, has been keeping himself rather occupied outside of the S*x and the City films. Even after the show finished in 2004, the actress continued to work steadily.

The actress’s astounding wealth has grown thanks to her participation in a number of high-profile film productions in recent years.

Kristin Davis Net Worth

Actress Kristin Davis of the United States has a fortune of $35 million. Kristin Davis had been active in the industry for quite some time, making appearances on shows like “General Hospital,” “Mann & Machine,” “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” “ER,” “Melrose Place,” and “Seinfeld.”

She became famous overnight in 1998 thanks to a single part. She landed the role of Charlotte on the wildly successful show “S*x and the City.” She starred for six years on the show and went on to have a diverse film career, including a ludicrous amount of television picture parts.

Besides the 10-episode revival that premiered on HBO Max in December 2021, she also appeared in two movie prequels that focused on Charlotte. Her priorities as of late have been her daughter and her work with orphaned elephants and other environmental causes.

Kristin Davis Earns $10 Million for S*x and the City Revival

Kristin Davis Earns $10 Million for Sx and the City Revival

In January 2021, it was reported that Davis, Nixon, and Parker will be reprising their roles from the original series and the first film adaptation of S*x and the City. And Just Like That…, the first episode of the 10-part revival, will air on HBO Max in the winter of 2021.

Variety reports that the actresses on the revived series were paid $1 million per episode, making Davis the highest earner at $10 million. Since she is also the show’s executive producer, the actress may end up making significantly more than the average cast member.

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Kristin Davis Sells Brentwood Home for $2.45 Million

Davis paid about $700,00 in 1998 for a “modest” home in Los Angeles’ Brentwood district. The house has a theater room, a wide balcony, and 4,000 square feet of living space, and it looks out over the city, the mountain, and the canyons.

Davis spent several years at the house and just put it on the market for $3 million after completing extensive renovations. In 2020, she found a buyer ready to pay $2.45 million for the property, netting her a sizable profit on her initial investment more than two decades earlier.

Davis moved to a considerably larger house in the Brentwood area in 2018, joining a number of other famous people who have done the same. A property developed in the 1980s with a postmodern flair cost her over $5.3 million. The new home’s 6,500 square feet of space is far larger than the actress’ previous residence.

The fireplace is fashioned out of stone, and there is also a library with floor-to-ceiling windows. A swimming pool, spa, and patio with breathtaking canyon views can be found in the outside space.

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