Lawyers Request Department Of Justice Investigation Of 25-Year-Old Rasheem Carter Killing

Lawyers Request Department Of Justice Investigation Of 25-Year-Old Rasheem Carter Killing

A guy whose body was discovered one month after going missing requests that the Department of Justice look into the case.

The Smith County Sheriff’s Department reports that the reason for Rasheem Carter’s death is still under investigation.

Yet if you go to his family and lawyers, they think the 25-year-old was murdered intentionally.

“This is not a natural death,” said Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump. “This represents a young man who was killed.”

Crump revealed the graphic details of how the Jefferson County man was discovered during a press conference on Monday.

In the tweet below, you can see how the protest went:

What Happened At The Conference?

He had his head cut off from his body, Crump recalled. “They found another location far from his severed skull where his vertebrate, or spinal cord, was. They recently discovered what they think to be Rasheem Carter’s remains at another location near where he vanished.

Those close to Carter claimed that he was under threat from acquaintances.

“My kid informed me that it was three truckloads of white males trying to kill him,” claimed Tiffany Carter, Rasheem’s mother.

Co-counsel Carlos Moore stated, “He was dutifully and gainfully working, just trying to make a life for his minor child, and ends up dead, chased by what we believe to be a white supremacist, a lynch mob.

Tiffany claimed he told her about it in one of his final texts just before he vanished.

She read from her phone, “He told me and the owner of this firm not seeing eye to eye, mother. “If anything wrong happened to me, he’s to blame. Mama, I’m too intelligent for it. He sent me these men because he knew they wanted to kill me.

According to Tiffany, her son asked for assistance at the Taylorsville Police Department.

She claimed they were of no assistance, though.

What’s even more concerning, according to Crump, is that Carter’s credit card was used even after it was established that he had passed away.

Crump added, “And we think that is a huge hint. It shouldn’t be this difficult for this distraught mother to get answers because the person with his credit card probably encountered him when he was alive, she said.

The primary investigating agency, in this case, is the Smith County Sheriff’s Department.

The agency has issued search warrants, according to the sheriff, and they are currently awaiting their return.

When questioned about suspicions of foul play, the sheriff responded that they were still unproven.

The inquiry is still ongoing.

Please call the Smith County Sheriff’s Department if you know anything about this occurrence.

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