Leah Remini Net Worth: From Million-Dollar Sitcom Salaries to Box Office Success and Best-Selling Books

Leah Remini Net Worth

Actress and writer Leah Marie Remini was born in the United States. Her role as Carrie Heffernan in the CBS comedy series The King of Queens brought her widespread recognition. A former Scientologist who gained widespread notice after she officially renounced the faith in 2013 after years of membership. Since then, she has been one of the Church’s most outspoken detractors.

Leah’s novel about her time in the Church and why she left was titled “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology” and was released in 2015. Originally, she had been taught the Catholic faith by her parents. Her mother joined the Church of Scientology when she was nine years old, and the rest of her family soon followed suit.

Remini first appeared on TV in an episode of the sitcom Head of the Class in 1988, and then in the feature picture Critics and Other Freaks in 1997. She played Carrie Heffernan on ‘The King of Queens’ for a decade, from 1998 to 2007.

Leah has co-hosted ‘The Talk’ and starred as Lara Campbell in the comedy film ‘Old School. She has since hosted the Emmy-winning documentary series “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” on her experiences after quitting the church. In 2017, Remini starred in the short-lived sitcom ‘Kevin Can Wait’ alongside Kevin James, with whom she had previously worked on ‘The King of Queens.

Leah Remini Net Worth

American actress, novelist, and activist Leah Remini has a $25 million fortune. From 2016 to 2019, Leah Remini hosted and co-produced A&E’s Emmy-winning docuseries “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath,” which she is best known for because of her role as Carrie Heffernan on the CBS comedy “The King of Queens.”

Leah has had numerous film and television appearances, some of the most notable being in “Kevin Can Wait,” “Saved by the Bell,” and “Old School.”

Leah Remini: From Million-Dollar Sitcom Salaries to Box Office Success and Best-Selling Books

Leah Remini From Million-Dollar Sitcom Salaries to Box Office Success and Best-Selling Books

In 2007, when “The King of Queens” was in its final season, Remini was paid $9 million.

The show may have ceased, but the revenue stream continued because of widespread airing.

Similarly, as an actor in the comedy “Kevin Can Wait,” she earned around $125,000 per episode, and the show is still raking in millions thanks to syndication.

The eight seasons of “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath,” a show she co-created with A&E, brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings for Leah.

On December 15, 2009, Remini made a visit on “Lopez Tonight” as Carrie Heffernan, and on July 28, 2011, she made a similar cameo on “The Young and the Restless”

She started making regular appearances on the TV Land comedy series “The Exes” in the third season of 2013.

In 2018, she co-starred with Jennifer Lopez as Joan in the romantic comedy “Second Act,” which earned over $72 million worldwide.

Don’t discount the money she made from her well-read and praised books, too. She has made a lot of money from the sales and royalties of these novels.

Leah Remini Lists Her Lavish Studio City Estate for $13 Million

Leah Remini has called the 10,000-square-foot estate she purchased for $3.75 million in Studio City, California, her primary residence since 2003. The house has 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, and the land area is just over 1.5 acres.

The home was valued at $8.5 million in 2019 by industry experts. For just under $13 million, Leah put the house on the market in September of 2022.

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