What Is The Cause Of Leo Longevity Death? What We Know About Leo Longevity His Net Worth?

Leo Longevity Death

Leo Longevity, aka Leo Rex (born 11 July 1990; passed away 31 January 2023), was a controversial YouTuber and well-known figure on the social news website Reddit. His videos on controversial subjects like steroid use attracted a lot of attention.

Several people began following Longevity after being inspired by his films, and his way of living was met with praise and condemnation. Several heated debates were started after Leo Longevity’s death.

Who Was Leo Longevity?

Leo Longevity has thousands of followers across several bodybuilding, fitness, and nootropics-related subreddits on Reddit.

The circumstances of his death and people’s reactions to it were discussed in numerous Reddit threads after his passing.

Leo Longevity Cause Of Death

On January 30, 2023, the body of Leo Longevity (born Leo Rex) was discovered in Bangkok. With Leo’s passing, many of his devotees were left with unanswered questions.

The circumstances of Leo’s death will be investigated to provide answers to the many questions that have been raised about it.

The media reported that Longevity’s girlfriend discovered his body on the floor of their flat. A cord around his neck restrained him.

Authorities in Thailand initially ruled Leo’s death to be a suicide, but many of his fans were doubtful and suspected he had been killed.

Some people speculated that Leo’s controversial behaviour contributed to his untimely demise. The specific cause of death of Leo Longevity has not been determined after extensive investigations by Thai and American authorities.

There have been rumours that he overdosed on nootropics or other performance-enhancing medications before his death, although this is unproven.

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Leo Longevity Net Worth?

Leo Longevity Net Worth

At the time of his death, Leo Rex reportedly had a net worth of $1 million, as reported by Gh Gossip.

He amassed over 128k subscribers and 11 million views on his channel, titled “Leo and Longevity.” The channel was dedicated to health and wellness, emphasizing penile enlargement methods, a subject in which Leo fancied himself an authority.

They worked out with Tony Large, a Leo, and a Centenarian. This picture was obtained from Fitness Volt.
While the exact sum of money Leo made from his YouTube channel is unknown, he very certainly did so through a combination of ad revenue, sponsorship deals, and affiliate sales.

Leo has a website in addition to his YouTube channel where he offers male enhancement drugs and vitamins. The shocking and tragic news of Leo’s untimely death has rocked his fanbase, and the inquiry into his death’s cause and circumstances continues.

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