Are Gigi Hadid And Leonardo DiCaprio Dating: What’s The Update?

Leonardo Dicaprio Dating

When rumors started spreading that Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio were dating, the internet went crazy. After breaking up with his girlfriend of four years, Camila Morrone, 25, the actor’s love life has been front and center in the media in recent months.

Since the Titanic actor is currently available, rumors about Gigi Hadid have begun to circulate.

New York Fashion Week afterparty photos surfaced of them together, adding gasoline to the fire of the rumors.

Even Gigi’s dad, Mohamed Hadid, has chimed in on the rumors, and now that their romance seems to have fizzled, they’re heating up again.

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Are Gigi Hadid And Leonardo DiCaprio Dating?

After romance rumors between Leo and Gigi subsided early this year, the two reportedly started spending more time together. Friends of the Hollywood star told Radar Online on May 23 that the actor has been spending a lot of time with the supermodel.

In 2022, sources claimed that the two A-listers “hooked up” the previous summer, sparking relationship rumors.

There were rumors that they had been spending more time together after they were seen partying together and sitting at the same table at an afterparty during New York Fashion Week.

Mohamed Hadid, Gigi’s father, recently told MailOnline, “I have not spoken to my daughter about Mr. DiCaprio. I think Leo is a very nice man.” In my opinion, they are not dating. They seem like they’d be terrific buddies, but I could be wrong.

“I don’t comment on my daughter’s personal relationships,” added Mohamed, “I have no say in who she’s dating.”

A source told Us Weekly in February 2023 that “Gigi and Leo are no longer dating,” so it seems their brief romance didn’t last long. Their relationship naturally dwindled over time.

According to the same insider, there wasn’t a major cause for the breakup: “Leo and Gigi were at different points in their life, and it just didn’t work out between the two of them.”

In April, though, a source told Entertainment Tonight that they are still “hanging out” and that the dating rumors were true.

An insider said: “Gigi and Leo still hang out and talk when it works with their timing. They both enjoy each other’s company and have fun together when their busy schedules permit.”

They said, “Yolanda and Bella know Gigi is capable of making her own healthy decisions, and they’re supportive of her.” Yolanda is Gigi’s mom, and Bella is her supermodel sister. Gigi’s world revolves around her daughter. Her daughter is the most important thing in the world to her.

This comes after a source told ET in March that the model and the Hollywood star partied together during a Pre-Oscars party: “Gigi and Leo were with each other all night at Darren Dzienciol and Richie Akiva’s annual Oscars party at a private home in Bel Air, California, last night. They stayed with each other in an indoor tented area near Tobey Maguire. They weren’t showing PDA, but they stayed close to one another and were having fun.”

When Did Leo and Camila’s Relationship End?

When Did Leo and Camila's Relationship End

Leonardo, 47, and Camila, 25, announced their breakup on August 29 after four years of marriage.

The media gave the split a lot of attention because of Leo’s notorious history of dating much younger women.

The Wolf of Wall Street actor hadn’t dated a woman beyond the age of 25 since he was 24 until he met Camila on her 25th birthday in June.

This tendency to end relationships with women in their mid-twenties has been called “Leo’s Law” by some supporters.

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