The Cause Of Leslie Jordan Death Now Revealed, What Is Leslie’s Career Life And Social Media Popularity?

Leslie Jordan Death

Fans of one of Hollywood’s (and Instagram’s) most adored comedians, Leslie Jordan, are understandably curious about the circumstances of his death and the nature of his passing.

Jordan’s full name was Leslie Allen Jordan, and he was born on April 29, 1955, in Chattanooga. Jordan passed away on October 24, 2022, after working in Hollywood for over 35 years. Age-wise, he was 67. So, what exactly happened to kill Leslie Jordan, and what was the cause of his demise? Find out everything we know about the final moments of Leslie Jordan’s life and the circumstances surrounding his death by reading on.

What Is The Cause Of Leslie Jordan Death?

Despite rumours to the contrary, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office has determined that actor Leslie Jordan, whose sardonic Southern drawl and adaptability made him a standout on TV series including Will & Grace and American Horror Story, died of natural causes and not in a car accident last year.

Los Angeles County’s Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner found that the 67-year-old actor died of abrupt cardiac dysfunction caused by arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Inhibiting blood flow, atherosclerosis is the hardening of arteries. In an automobile accident on October 24 in the Hollywood area, Jordan was pronounced dead at the scene. According to the coroner’s report, the cause of death was certified as natural because an autopsy revealed no symptoms of life-threatening injuries.

The toxicology report revealed no traces of alcohol or narcotics in Jordan’s system, as he had been sober for over twenty years before his untimely passing. Coroner reports state that Jordan, who was on cardiac medication at his death, had severe cardiovascular difficulties, with one artery being 80% obstructed and another being 50% blocked.

The Tennessee native, who stood only 4 feet 11 inches tall, was a household name in the comedy and drama industries. He debuted on the sitcom The Cool Kids and was a regular on the Mayim Bialik comedy Call Me Kat, for which he received an Emmy nomination in 2005 for his performance as Beverly Leslie on Will & Grace.

Besides Hearts Afire, Boston Legal, Fantasy Island, and The People v. Billie Holiday, Jordan has appeared in many other shows. He appeared in multiple episodes of American Horror Story in different roles.

Take A Look At Leslie’s Career Life

Leslie Career Life

As far back as 1986, you might catch him in a recurring role on ABC’s The Fall Man. Soon after, Jordan’s Southern accent made him a household name.

He went on to star in a wide variety of television shows, including Murphy Brown, Will & Grace, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Star Trek: Voyager, Caroline in the City, Pee-Playhouse, Wee’s Reba, Boston Public, Boston Legal, Nash Bridges, American Horror Story, and Hearts Afire.

Perhaps his most recognisable performance was as the pompous, sexually ambiguous Beverly Leslie on the NBC sitcom Will & Grace. During the 2006 Primetime Emmy Awards, he won the award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his work on the show.

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Leslie’s Social Media Popularity

Jordan had over 5.8 million Instagram followers at the time of his death, most of whom had joined the platform during the COVID-19 epidemic. Jordan discussed the impact of quarantine on his career in an October 2020 interview with Entertainment Today. “I’m the only person that just used the pandemic to go to new heights,” he said.

“Because we were hunkered down and didn’t have anything to do and I was in Tennessee with my mom and my identical twin sisters, who are 22 months younger than me…. I just started doing funny things on Instagram and [amassed] 5.5 million followers.”

He continued, “I just wish it didn’t happen. I’m 65. Do you mind if I take a nap? I’m telling you, it’s just too much. Why didn’t this happen when I was in my twenties? I’d have messed it up. And I think I’ve just started, so we’ll see.”

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