The Ultimatum: Did Queer Love Couple Lexi and Rae’s Break Up After Show?

Lexi and Rae Breakup

Fans of The Ultimatum: Queer Love were dying to see what happened to the five lesbian and non-binary couples we followed during Season 1 after it ended in June 2023. There was much speculation about the relationship between Lexi Goldberg and Rae Cheun-Sutton.

After three years of dating, Lexi gave Rae, her girlfriend, an ultimatum: marry her or end the relationship. The couple appeared to be determined to remain together for the long run, even when they began dating other individuals and entered trial marriages with two other co-stars.

Unfortunately, Lexi and Rae have broken up now that the show has wrapped production. See what happened after their reality show ended to find out why they broke up.

Lexi and Rae’s Relationship Doesn’t Last

In Season 1 Episode 10 of The Ultimatum: Queer Love, hosted by Joanna Garcia Swisher, Lexi and Rae reunite with the other couples from the experience. Joanna prompted the couple to share their post-special updates with her audience.

A year after going on The Ultimatum, Lexi and Rae affirmed they were still together and doing better than they had been. There was talk of a “specific date” for the wedding, the two stated; nevertheless, Lexi made it clear that she was willing to marry Rae whenever they were both ready.

Despite Rae’s insistence that they wed on the pre-reunion wedding date, the episode finished with the couple content with their love. A few weeks after the reunion, in January 2023, Lexi and Rae announced they were breaking up, however, the end card for the reunion revealed the news just minutes later.

The card read, “Shortly after filming the reunion, Lexi and Rae chose to end their relationship,” and it was then updated to say, “The wedding has been called off.”

After Rae and Lexi proposed to each other on Ultimatum Day, viewers were under the impression that they were now on the same page. Many people immediately took to Instagram to express their sadness at Lexi and Rae’s breakup.

After the reunion episode aired, Lexi explained to Today why she and Rae broke up: they had fundamental philosophical differences that prevented them from working together on The Ultimatum: Queer Love. Lexi expressed concern on the show about how she and Rae may raise children given the cultural disparities she and Mal Wright experienced during their trial marriage.

Lexi told the media that they “probably spent another month trying to work through some stuff that we just had maybe not gotten through as much as we thought we had” throughout the trip. As the saying goes, “things that just kept coming up for us.”

Lexi and Rae Break Up After The Ultimatum

Lexi and Rae Break Up After The Ultimatum

Lexi and Rae aren’t the only ones to break up in the wake of The Ultimatum: Queer Love, but Lexi has said that she and Rae felt a “looming cloud” over them to avoid a “failed engagement.”

Rae and Lexi made the greatest decision for themselves, however, Lexi acknowledged that it didn’t make the pain go away.

“it was painful. It was sad,” Lexi said of the breakup. “There was hurt there on both ends. Not towards each other, but just hurt because of losing that relationship.”

In spite of the fact that she will not be marrying the person to whom she issued the ultimatum, Lexi told Today, “I love her.” The influencer said that she is “happy” that she and Rae didn’t work out before getting married, something that probably wouldn’t have occurred if they hadn’t appeared on The Ultimatum: Queer Love.

Lexi has moved on from her relationship with Rae since filming wrapped, as she revealed to Bustle in June 2023. Rae, on the other hand, has remained silent about the split. Perhaps she can contact Vanessa Papa.

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