Love Is Blind Season 4: Which Couples Have Kept Their Relationships Going Strong?

Love Is Blind Season 4

Singles from Season 4 of Love Is Blind are now available in the Pods. Although the Pods period didn’t generate any crazy moments like Season 3’s fake tears, some individuals left an indelible impact, for better or ill, in the first five episodes of Season 4 which was released on Netflix on Friday, March 24.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey host the talk show Love Is Blind, which ponders the title question. After many seasons in Texas, this year’s episodes are moving to the Pacific Northwest city of Seattle.

In order to go on to the series’ honeymoon and wedding stages, couples must leave the Pods engaged to someone they have never met in person.

The fourth season of Love Is Blind will contain 12 episodes, released in three-week intervals beginning on March 24 and ending on April 14. Episodes 6-8 will be released next, followed by episodes 9-11, and finally the series reunion in episode 12.

Although thirty separate people entered the Pods, only a select few advanced to the following round. In this article, we’ll discuss the couples that are still together as of Episode 5, as well as some social media hints and information gleaned from the next episode’s teaser.

The following is a timeline of the engagements that occurred during Season 4 of Love Is Blind.

Love Is Blind Season 4: Which Couples Are Still Together?

Tiffany And Brett

Brett and Tiffany were the first couples to become engaged and walk out of the pods hand in hand. This was despite the fact that Tiffany’s inadvertent nap in the pods almost derailed their fast intimate relationship. When they first met, instant attraction sprang between them. They fell madly in love at first sight.

Tiffany And Brett

In Mexico, the two of them seemed to fall madly in love with one another. The momentum carried over into Episode 5, but the following drop’s teaser suggests there may be problems in paradise before they reach the altar. Will they really get engaged?

Nothing out of the ordinary should happen today. Brett’s words from the trailer on his wedding day are particularly frightening.

Since the release on March 24th, Tiffany and Brett have been following each other on Instagram, along with the rest of the group.

Micah And Paul

Micah and Paul both have many close friends and acquaintances. Micah had been close to Kwame and initially seemed to care more about him than everyone else. Paul was close to both Amber and Micah, but his loyalty was to the latter.

Micah And Paul

Micah and Paul left the Pods engaged, despite Micah’s anxieties causing some unusually covert behavior with Irina in the women’s lounge. When ultimately meeting, they appeared to have little trouble matching a face to the name, but a trip to Mexico altered that impression.

After meeting Kwame, Micah’s desire for him was so obvious that he had to call her out on her sarcastic “jokes.” In Season 4, Episode 4, their heated conversation devolved into flirting, which made Chelsea uncomfortable. Paul didn’t seem to be troubled by Micah’s friendship with Kwame.

But it seems like Irina is going to be a problem for them in the future. From the beginning of the season, Irina and Micah have been inseparable (despite the fact that their “mean girl” antics have caused some controversy on Twitter). Micah, at the altar, says, “At this time, the best thing I can do for us gives you the chance to respond first,” according to a promo from earlier in the season.

Micah and Paul are now mutual Instagram followers, as of the release date of March 24.

Marshall And Jackie

There was instant chemistry between Jackie and Marshall, and their chats seemed to flow effortlessly. But, Josh’s interference almost put an end to their relationship.

Marshall And Jackie

With Jackie’s rejection, Josh threatened to leave. Marshall was insulted by Josh’s announcement, so he went to the men’s room to argue for Jackie. When they finally met, she was relieved, and they hit it off right away.

Jackie had an emotional breakdown in Mexico due to pressures she felt she couldn’t handle back in the United States. Marshall held her through it all, giving her a sense of security and affection. The couple seemed to be becoming more and more in love as they spent more time together in these intimate settings, but the teaser for the upcoming episode suggests there are stormy seas ahead.

In one scene, Jackie tells Marshall they “don’t have sex,” prompting Josh to attempt and win Jackie back.

“If you don’t feel like heart-to-heart you’re truly going to marry him, select me,” he says to her.

Marshall follows Josh but not Jackie or Josh but not Marshall.

Chelsea And Kwame

Chelsea was greatly upset by Micah’s rejection, even if he had merely been listening to Kwame on the Pods. Even yet, Chelsea wasn’t his second option. They were genuinely interested in one another during the dates. When questioned by the other guys (including Micah), he confessed that Micah typified the women he dated.

Chelsea And Kwame

Finally, he saw that trying to recreate his previous relationships by using the same formula always ended in the same disappointment.

It’s more than simply a desire to be appreciated on your part. It’s the way you want to be loved, he told the cameras, revealing that Chelsea was the one he needed the most.

They had a spiritual connection that was unlike anything else Chelsea had ever experienced. They clearly felt no remorse about getting engaged after seeing the looks on one other’s faces. That is, before the arrival of Mexico.

Their engagement seemed to be in jeopardy as long as Kwame still had emotions for Micah. By Episode 5, Chelsea and Kwame had reconciled, but later season excerpts show that Micah would again intrude by questioning Kwame whether he believes he had made the right decision with Chelsea, prompting her to doubt if Kwame is really ready to settle down.

Even though Kwame and Chelsea don’t follow each other on social media, it seems like they both attended the boat party with the other Season 5 couples because of their Instagram activity. Instagram stories show Kwame sporting a purple beanie and a lavender puffer jacket while Chelsea seems to be seated next to him. In order to avoid spoilers, cast members of Love Is Blind are not known to follow each other on Instagram.

A Breakup Between Irina and Zack

Maybe the most unexpectedly happy pair was Irina and Zack. During the experiment, Irina only had eyes for Zack, despite his many dates with Bliss, which gave the impression that the two had a stronger relationship.

Irina and Zack

In the ladies’ room, Irina had an outburst because she felt intimidated by Zack and Bliss’s relationship. Zack found out about the fighting, and Bliss took an effort to make up with Irina. Nonetheless, it rubbed Zack the wrong way to be told that picking Irina would be a negative demonstration of character.

Zack ended things with Bliss and proposed to Irina, although the two looked entirely uninterested in one another physically at first.

In Mexico, they lacked the chemistry to physically attract one another. Irina was clearly uncomfortable anytime Zack attempted to demonstrate any kind of love towards her, and she refused his every kiss. She stopped showing her pods, which Zack claimed to love, the same emotional devotion she had shown her fiance.

While in Mexico, Irina finally caught a glimpse of Paul, and Zack couldn’t get Bliss out of his mind. Irina switched her engagement ring to her middle finger in Season 4, Episode 2 when talking to Paul. Maybe it was a matter of size. Or maybe they did it on purpose. When Irina admitted her affection for Paul and Zack admitted he missed Bliss deeply, the two of them agreed to split up at the conclusion of Episode 5.

What Bliss thinks of Zack’s possible proposal in the season finale teaser remains to be seen. Zack seems to end up at the altar, but with whom is unclear.

Neither Zack nor Bliss is an Instagram follower of Zack and Irina. Chelsea and Kwame seemed to be dating, although the two may have met at a cast boat party.

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