“Love Is Blind Season 4” All That We Are Aware Of

Love Is Blind Season 4

The emotional aftermath (and the dialogue) of Love Is Blind season 3 has only begun to sink in, but it’s almost time for the pods to reopen. Two marriages, one relationship, and a proven villain à la Shake, ended by the end of the third season of the reality experiment.

Though season 3 of Love Is Blind had yet to be revealed, fans of the Dallas-based show could rest assured that they would get a fourth season. This is all we know about the upcoming episodes.

How Did “Love Is Blind’s” First Three Seasons End?

How Did Love Is Blind's First Three Seasons End

The first three seasons of Love Is Blind introduced viewers to many memorable characters and plot points, including fan-favorite couples, toxic f-boys, a woman who is truly a gem (shout out to SK’s mom), and the show’s signature opaque gold wineglass.

If you’re tracking the score after each attempt, it goes like this: Lauren and Cameron, as well as Amber and Barnett, are two of the couples from the first season who are still together and happy. Recently, the couples from Season 2 (Danielle and Nick and Iyanna and Jarrett) revealed their breakups in conjunction with the airing of the Beyond the Altar special.

After nearly two years of marriage, Alexa and Brennon and Colleen and Matt are still together in Season 3. Even though Raven and SK were engaged again in After the Altar, their relationship ultimately failed.

Is There Going To Be Love Is Blind Season 4?

The production schedule for Love Is Blind is rapid, and it’s almost unnerving. Due to the show’s overwhelming popularity, seasons 2 and 3 were approved and shot quickly after the first season’s success (the season 3 weddings were around June 2022).

The show’s success in season two led to an almost immediate renewal for seasons four and five in March of 2022. Also, by the time of the Season 3 premiere, filming for both Seasons 4 and 5 had been wrapped, as reported by Women’s Health.

Five seasons have been filmed, Nick Lachey told the media, he said. Each season has been unique, and that’s part of what keeps us returning for more.

When Will The Fourth Season Of “Love Is Blind” Be Available?

We predicted that Season 4 would premiere on Netflix before the end of spring this year, and Netflix has confirmed that we were right. Beginning this coming Friday, March 24th, the first five episodes will be available. Episodes 6-8 will be released on March 31; episodes 9-11 will be released on April 7; and the season finale will air on April 14.

Netflix on Twitter officially announced the release date of Love Is Blind Season 4:

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Where Will Season 4 Of “Love Is Blind” Be Filmed?

While Netflix hasn’t made any formal announcements about the second season’s settings, some LIB online sleuths have uncovered clues about the next set of central cities. The production team used many places in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood for filming in May 2022. However, it’s unclear if these scenes were for Season 4 or Season 5.

However, in addition to an open casting call that merely required applicants to “live in the city where the season is filming,” there was also a casting call placed on Instagram that was searching for people in Washington, D.C.; Charlotte, North Carolina; Detroit, Michigan; and Tampa, Florida; per DCist.

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