With An Extensive Portfolio What is Madonna Net Worth and How She Pursues Her Passions?

Madonna Net Worth

The native of Bay City, Michigan dropped out of the University of Michigan (where she was receiving a scholarship) and relocated to New York with only $30. Her stage name was Madonna, and her fortune now exceeds $90 million.

By the mid-1980s, Madonna had become one of the most recognizable figures on the planet, thanks to her groundbreaking singles “Material Girl” and “Like a Virgin.” Madonna, the global icon we all know and love, now commands a global media empire and is followed by millions of devoted fans.

She still releases pop albums (2019’s Madame X became her ninth U.S. No. 1), tours to sold-out audiences across the world, and, more recently, serves as the face of her own high-end skincare line and leads a number of other successful businesses. How much money does Madonna have, and how did she get there? Read on to learn the full extent of Madonna’s wealth.

Madonna Net Worth

Madonna has amassed an enormous fortune, estimated at $850 million, thanks to her career achievements. Her enormous empire is unbelievable, and her unbelievable fortune means that she can have anything she wants. Fans can’t help but wonder what else she blows her millions on, given the outrageous nature of some of her purchases.

Madonna Bought Her Maybach For Over $1 Million

Madonna has a net worth of $850 million, which has allowed her to pursue her passions. She has been affluent for over 30 years, so she knows how to enjoy the finer things in life, and one of those is a pricey sports automobile.

Madonna had planned for quite some time to purchase a fresh new luxury vehicle, and she finally settled on a Maybach 62S. The asking price for this stunning piece of gear was rumored to have been over $500,000 back in the day. Most individuals would never dream of spending $850 million on something like this, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

With an estimated final cost of $1.4 million, it’s safe to imagine that Madonna spent a fortune customizing the car to meet her every whim. In Madonna’s “million-dollar Maybach,” a 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine produced 543 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque, as reported by Cheat Sheet. Her Maybach’s acceleration from zero to sixty miles per hour took only four and a half seconds, despite the car’s heft.

Madonna’s Dazzling Art Collection: A Treasure Trove of Masterpieces

Madonna's Dazzling Art Collection A Treasure Trove of Masterpieces

Depending on the state-of-the-art market, Madonna’s collection of numerous artworks could be worth several times that amount. She also has works by Picasso, Diego Rivera, Damien Hirst, and Marilyn Minter in her collection, among the few by Frida Kahlo.

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Madonna’s Real Estate Portfolio

As could be expected, Madonna has an extensive portfolio of properties, including mansions in exotic locations. She once had SIX different residences in the London area. She may have traded some of them to Guy Richie during their divorce, but it’s unclear how many she still has.

Madonna has lived in a townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for many years. There are 13 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 9 fireplaces, 11-foot ceilings, a 38′ by 22′ drawing room with south windows overlooking the garden, a library, a Georgian staircase, an elevator, a double-car garage, a 3,000 square foot garden with trees, roses, and rhododendrons, and future plans for a new rooftop garden in this four-story, 57-foot-wide Georgian townhouse.

In September 2017, Madonna spent just under $9 million buying a mansion in Sintra, Portugal that was built in the 18th century and sits on 5.5 acres of land. She formerly lived in a 6,000-square-foot condominium in New York City, which she sold for $16 million in 2013. She paid $7 million in 2008 for a smaller condo in the same building, and she still owns it.

However, that is not her sole residence in the Big Apple! She dropped $32 million on a townhouse in 2009 that is 12,000 square feet and features a two-car garage, NINE fireplaces, a wine cellar, and an elevator. In 2010, she spent $7 million for a 50-acre equestrian property in Bridgehampton, New York, which she acquired in two separate deals.

Madonna spent $12 million on a spectacular Beverly Hills property in 2003, during her marriage to Guy Richie. Sela Ward and her husband, Howard Sherman, a venture capitalist, were the sellers.

The 1.25-acre, gated estate had a 17,000-square-foot mansion with 9 bedrooms, a theater, a fitness center, a pool, and a tennis court. In 2012, she put the house on the market for $28 million. She re-listed it in 2013 for $22.5 million, and it sold for $19.5 million by the end of the year. Russell Weiner, the creator of Rockstar energy drinks, purchased the company. Russ amazingly put the home up for sale in 2018 for $35 million.

Madonna bought The Weeknd’s property in Hidden Hills, California, for $20 million in April 2021. Madonna put the house up for sale in April 2022 for $26 million. This mansion’s asking price was reduced to $23.5 million in March 2023.


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