Man Charged with Murder and Dismemberment of Uber Eats Driver in Florida

Man Charged with Murder and Dismemberment of Uber Eats Driver in Florida

Authorities said Tuesday that a Florida man was charged with murder and robbery after officers discovered the dismembered body of a food delivery driver in the trash outside of his home.

According to the police, the victim, an Uber Eats and DoorDash delivery driver was making deliveries on April 19 when he texted his wife to let her know he would be home shortly since he still had one more delivery to make. The wife sent him another text after some time had passed with no reply. His wife first reported him missing after a couple more hours had elapsed and further texts had been sent but not responded to.

Police went to the last-known delivery address two days later, where the suspect’s roommate provided them with a video of the victim.

According to Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco, just before 7 o’clock on April 19 “you can actually see the victim walking up to the house to deliver food, but the video cuts off at that point,” he stated at a press conference. The suspect and a second individual removed numerous bags of trash the following day, according to the surveillance tape, Nocco said. According to Nocco, when detectives investigated the trash bags, they discovered human remains.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Florida Man Arrested for Murder

After moving to Florida in January after receiving parole in Indiana, Oscar Solis was arrested for failing to register as a felon with the county and violating his parole. Detectives later discovered the victim’s wedding band and car keys inside Solis’ home, leading to the 30-year-old’s arrest for “felony murder in conjunction with the robbery” on Monday night.

According to authorities, the victim’s automobile was discovered around a third of a mile from the residence. In the car’s trunk, detectives discovered a garbage bag with “apparent blood-soaked rags,” along with a red Door Dash bag and paper towels, according to a police affidavit obtained by CBS News. A time card punch-out receipt for a gentleman’s club, where Solis claimed to work security, was also discovered in the trash bag, according to the affidavit.

According to investigators, the roommate was not home when the murder occurred. that the other individual was that assisted in taking the trash out was not immediately apparent. The suspect’s father and roommate are both tenants of the house, according to the police, and the father left when Solis relocated from Indiana to take up residence there. According to authorities, both the father and the roommate have been helping with the inquiry.

According to Nocco, Solis was a member of the MS-13 gang and had previously received a four-year sentence for robbery and violence. According to Nocco, he was also charged with stabbing someone while incarcerated.

According to Nocco, there didn’t seem to be any connection between Solis and the victim.

He declared, “This was a horrifying crime of passion.” This was supernatural. His actions were demonic.

Photos of a man and a woman who, according to the police, were seen leaving the house just before the victim arrived were also made public. The two were “not considered missing,” according to the police, but they “may have information to provide in this case.”

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