Man Dies During Chase After Leaping From Stolen CHP Cruiser

Man Dies During Chase After Leaping From Stolen CHP Cruiser

During a police pursuit in the Antelope Valley on Tuesday afternoon, a man suspected of stealing a California Highway Patrol cruiser committed himself by jumping out of the car, according to officials.

Officers were responding to an accident on the northbound 5 Freeway near Hasley Canyon when the CHP cruiser, a Dodge Charger, was taken.

According to authorities, the driver of one of the involved cars stepped out of his car, leaped into the waiting CHP cruiser, and started driving away as soon as a CHP officer arrived at the collision site to check on the parties involved.

According to CHP authorities who spoke to KTLA, officers chased the car as it approached Highway 138 at speeds of 100 mph.

As the cruiser reached 87th Street West and West Avenue D, the suspect leaped out and struck the road as it proceeded to drive off the road before striking a light post.

A Clicp of the incident:

Man Dies In Fatal Stolen Cruiser Police Chase

He was obviously unconscious and looked to have banged the back of his head on the pavement. He leaped out of the car while it was reportedly moving at speeds close to 50 mph.

Police pulled the guy away from the road because they thought the downed power pole would fall close to him. By 12:55 p.m., they finally took him to the hospital after pulling him to the side of the road and rendering help.

CHP revealed that he had passed away at a press conference on Tuesday night.

According to CHP Officer Alec Pereyda, “CHP officials on the scene conducted life-saving procedures and the motorist was brought to Antelope Valley Hospital, where he was declared dead.”

Before notifying the driver’s next of kin, the identity of the driver was withheld.

The cruiser’s theft is currently being looked into by the CHP. Pereyda said that it is usual practice to leave a car running when cops depart it, although she emphasized that the doors must be closed.

Call the CHP Newhall branch at 661-600-1600 if you have any information on the chase or the guy involved.

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