Man Fatally Shot at BART’s Oakland Lake Merritt Station

Man Fatally Shot at BART's Oakland Lake Merritt Station

A fatal shooting outside the Lake Merritt BART station on Tuesday afternoon is being looked into by BART police. Authorities claim they have taken custody of a suspect. The shooting happened shortly after 2:30 pm.

Both the victim’s and the suspect’s identities have not been fully disclosed by the police. According to BART officials, the male suspect was apprehended within 90 minutes of the shooting, and there was no evidence that either the victim or the suspect had ever ridden the train.

We don’t know what caused the firing to start. The reason for the shooting was yet unknown to police. Kevin Franklin, acting police chief for BART, spoke from the incident scene, where the corpse had already been taken.

According to him, the man was pronounced dead at the site. Previously, BART trains did not stop at the Lake Merritt Station, but now they do.

The tweet below confirms the news:

According to BART police, they identified the perpetrator with the aid of street-level CCTV photographs. The gun used in the incident was not mentioned by the police as having been found.

Oakland Residents Concerned About Crime and Gun Violence

Concern and annoyance are present due to the persistent crime and gun violence in Oakland. People claim that murder in broad daylight in a busy area causes them to have second thoughts.

“The day is in the middle. This is very scary. Just astonished, really. One onlooker at the BART station declined to provide her name and remarked, “It’s terrible.

“Right there, you’re about to get on BART. It kind of makes you think. It kind of makes you feel unsafe a little bit. It seems like an everyday occurrence now and it’s not getting any better,” said another BART rider, Abiye.

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Another fatal shooting occurred in Oakland just before the one outside of BART. Officers from the East Bay Regional Park District arrived on the scene of a shooting at the boat launch around 2:15.

A male victim who had been shot dead was discovered. The gunfire in the park may have resulted in an arrest, but police did not say so. There was nothing else known about that situation.

“It worries me because the crime level in Oakland seems to be increasing and I really hope something is done about it. We shouldn’t have to deal with this. I think we definitely need a police chief, some kind of leadership. Something needs to be done for the city of Oakland,” Abiye said.

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