Man Who Evaded A Traffic Encounter In Florida Shoots An Officer, Says The Sheriff

Man Who Evaded A Traffic Encounter In Florida Shoots An Officer

Last week, a man who fled a traffic check in Florida by driving away shot and badly injured a sheriff’s deputy before killing himself during a standoff at his house, according to authorities.

Officer Malik Daricaud, 25, was shot early on Sunday and is now in “tenuous condition” and “fighting for his life,” according to Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters.

Tyliko Maduro’s house had no one home when the cops arrived, so they called his mother, 32, according to the body cam video, Waters said. She consented to come over and went to the front door with one cop, with the second officer waiting around the house’s corner, and Daricaud standing back a few feet.

Before unlocking and pushing through the door, she pounded the door a few times and said, “Hello!” A barrage of gunfire broke out as a dog emerged from the entryway.

According to Waters, Daricaud stumbled backward before collapsing to the ground.

According to the Florida Times-Union, neither Maduro’s mother nor the other cops suffered any injuries.

Maduro, according to the sheriff, was carrying a semiautomatic gun.

The cops didn’t fire any rounds, he said.

On March 19, Maduro was pulled up for running a red light, and he eluded police. The sheriff said that because he had just been stopped for the traffic infraction, they decided not to prosecute him.

The tweet below by South Florida Sun Sentinel also confirms the news:

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Police Visit Local House in Follow-Up, Suspect in Custody After Incident

On Sunday, the police visited the house to follow up.

“I think the only thing they intended to do was ask some questions. They weren’t going to smash down his door. No plausible explanation existed for that, according to Waters.

According to the sheriff, none of the officers had their firearms drawn, but the other had his Taser ready as a safety measure.

Residents were asked to remain indoors for the majority of the morning after a SWAT team arrived at the house.

According to Waters, Maduro has no violent crimes or other warning signs on his background.

It’s hard to understand what goes through a person’s head when they act in such a manner, Waters added.

Waters said that he visited the hospital and spoke with Daricaud, a married father of two small children.

According to what was told to us, he was still in a precarious condition when Waters arrived this morning. “We’re just praying he makes a complete recovery,” Waters added.

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