Russian Tennis Player Maria Sharapova Net worth: She Gives $250,000 to UNDP Initiatives to Help Chornobyl-Affected People

Maria Sharapova Net worth

Russian-born former tennis star Maria Sharapova. She is often regarded as among the world’s top female tennis players. She was rated No. 1 in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) for 21 consecutive weeks between 2001 and 2020, during which time she competed on the WTA Tour.

Sharapova is one of just eight women in history, and the only Russian, to win all four Grand Slam singles titles. In the women’s singles competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, she placed second, making her an Olympic medalist as well. However, the topic of this piece is Maria Sharapova’s wealth in the year 2023.

Maria Sharapova Net worth

Maria Sharapova, a former Russian tennis star, is worth an estimated $180 million. She is a permanent resident of the United States since 1994, but she competes internationally for Russia. Sharapova has spent a combined 21 weeks at the top of the rankings as the world’s best player.

Throughout her legendary tennis career, Mario Sharapova has been lauded for her unbreakable mental fortitude.

Maria Sharapova won 645 singles matches over her career and lost 171 times, per the WTA website. She amassed a total of $38,777,962 in prize money from her 16 singles championships.

In addition, she has a contract extension with Nike worth $70 million for 8 years, the most lucrative deal ever for a sportswoman, which brings her annual earnings to an estimated $9.5 million. Her endorsement deals include Nike, Avon, Porsche, Evian, and Tag Heuer, among others.

Maria Sharapova Gives $250,000 to UNDP Initiatives to Help Chornobyl-Affected People

Maria Sharapova Gives $250,000 to UNDP Initiatives to Help Chornobyl-Affected People

For students in Belarus’s Chornobyl-affected regions, the Maria Sharapova Foundation has established a $210,000 scholarship program.

In addition to donating $100,000 to Chornobyl-related projects, Sharapova took on the role of Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The Maria Sharapova Foundation receives a donation from Sugarpova.

In recent months, Sharapova has also given $250,000 to UNDP initiatives.

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In 2017, Indian Authorities Investigate Maria Sharapova for Alleged Fraud

Indian authorities are looking into allegations of fraud and criminal conspiracy against tennis star Maria Sharapova, who was employed by a real estate firm to promote a failed high-end home development.

Ballet by Maria Sharapova is a luxury apartment complex featuring a helipad, tennis academy, and other features developed by the real estate company Homestead Infrastructure, which has been accused of stealing tens of millions of rupees, or millions of dollars, from its owners. In 2013, the five-time grand slam winner visited India for the project’s formal inauguration. On November 16th, police opened their investigation.

Attorney Piyush Singh, who is representing one of the homebuyers, stated on Wednesday that Sharapova’s fame was the primary motivation for most investors.

Singh claimed that his customer Bhawana Agarwal paid Homestead Infrastructure 5.3 million rupees ($81,678) in 2013 after being inspired by Sharapova’s involvement with the Gurgaon, India, project. A unit in the luxury development went for 20 million rupees ($308,000).

Singh stated that Agarwal spent the following three years calling the builders to find out the status of her property and investment, but that the builders eventually stopped returning her calls. On Wednesday, many calls to the listed phone numbers for the construction firm remained unanswered.

“The project was never completed,” Singh stated.

In response to his client’s complaint, police are reportedly looking into whether or not celebrities who endorse projects that attract millions of dollars in investments have a duty “to do some due diligence” on the project before lending their name and credibility to it.

The real estate firm didn’t just hire Sharapova, but also a number of other renowned sports stars. Its website also promotes the Michael Schumacher World Tower, a joint venture with the legendary Formula One driver.

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