Ex-Wife of Donald Trump Marla Maples Net Worth: A Community Activist and Philanthropist

Marla Maples Net Worth

American actress and talk show host Marla Ann Maples. In addition, she is well-known as the ex-wife of US President Donald Trump. She has appeared in a wide range of films, including “Happiness,” “Something Wilder,” “A Sight for Sore Eyes,” and “Two of Hearts.” Maples has appeared on a wide variety of television shows, including “Designing Women,” “The Nanny,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “Spin City,” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Marla Maples Net Worth

American actress and socialite Marla Maples has a net worth of $6 million. It is likely that Marla Maples’ friendship with Donald Trump is the primary reason for her notoriety. Tiffany Trump’s parents, Marla and Donald, are quite famous.

Marla Maples: A Community Activist and Philanthropist

Maples has a strong history of giving back to the community. She has been a vocal supporter of Kids Creating Peace, a group that brings together Israeli and Palestinian kids, for quite some time.

She also serves on the advisory board for AWARENYC.org. It’s a grassroots group based in New York City with an international focus on bettering the lives of women and girls via education, advocacy, and fundraising. In addition, she is an advocate for the Louis Armstrong Music and Medicine Center.

Maples is a keynote speaker for the London Speakers Bureau, where her topics include empowering women, holistic health, spirituality, and personal development. In 2018, she was featured in the Summer of Peace Summit, discussing peace and unity.

In 2018 she was a featured speaker at the India-based Global Summit on Science, Spirituality, and the Environment. She had an interview on Paula Faris’s Journeys of Faith program that same year.

Donald Trump’s Prenuptial Agreement with Marla Maples: A Closer Look

Donald Trump's Prenuptial Agreement with Marla Maples A Closer Look

In 1997, Donald and Marla, who had been married for almost four years, made the decision to end their marriage. Donald claimed his wealth at $1.17 billion as part of the divorce settlement, while Marla put hers at $100,000. It’s interesting to note that Donald probably wasn’t a millionaire at that time. If he was so wealthy, why would he lie about it?

According to reports, this is because Donald and Melania had a rock-solid prenuptial agreement that could only be voided if it became out that Donald had exaggerated his wealth or hidden assets. Therefore, he was always incentivized to exaggerate his wealth and never to understate it.

Trump used wildly exaggerated prices for various assets when calculating his $1.17 billion net worth. For instance, despite reports that his Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City was losing money and was drowning in debt, he still valued the business at $1.25 billion. He estimated two other casinos to be worth $1 billion. Each casino eventually filed for bankruptcy.

According to reports, Marla Maples wanted $25 million to end her relationship with Donald. If the couple divorced in under five years, Marla would only receive $1 million as per the provisions of their prenup. It took them four years to break up.

The agreement stipulated that by their daughter Tiffany turned 21, Marla would have received $100,000 annually in child support payments and an additional $1 million to put toward a property purchase. At the time, Tiffany was only four years old. Even Marla’s $250,000 engagement ring was safe for her to keep.

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Marla Maples Sells Calabasas Mansion for $850,000 Profit

Marla purchased the Calabasas, California, mansion in November 1999 for $1,349,000. In July 2013, she sold the property for $2.2 million. After selling her house in Los Angeles, she invested in a Manhattan condo near Central Park.

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