Who is Matt Rife Ex Girlfriend and Is He Dating Anyone Now?

Matt Rife Ex Girlfriend

The social internet has made it possible for comedians to become instantly famous. Matt Rife is one such comedian; he’s been on the upswing for the better part of a decade, but his popularity skyrocketed in 2023 because of the stand-up comedy footage he posted on TikTok. With over 14 million TikTok followers and 3.5 million Instagram followers, he is undeniably one of the most popular comedians of our time.

On June 5, 2023, Matt released a hilarious video starring Ashton Kutcher as his magical genie (with a cameo from Mila Kunis), announcing his world tour, ProbleMATTic. But it’s not just his jokes that have made him a household name; Matt’s beautiful looks have won over audiences as well.

Who, if anyone, does Matt Rife date? Is he dating anyone at the moment? What’s more, tell me about his past relationships.

Matt Rife Ex Girlfriend

When it comes to ex-girlfriends, Kate Beckinsale is Matt Rife’s only option. It seems like Matt took a long gap from dating after his breakup with Kate Beckinsale. In spite of the rumors, Matt is still available.

The tweet below confirms the relationship of Maat with Kate:

Even though he was almost six years younger than Kate Beckinsale, the two went out on a date. Neither Matt nor Kate has addressed the public about their split. Zendaya is not considered one of Matt Rife’s exes because she and Rife have never confirmed their relationship in public.

Who is Matt Rife Dating?

Who is Matt Rife Dating

Matt Rife, who is only 27 years old, has gained instant global renown. Unfortunately, this leaves him with little time for a romantic relationship. Matt must devote his entire being to his humor if he wants to achieve his goal of being renowned at such a young age.

Matt is completely single despite his beautiful baby blues and an unparalleled sense of humor because he works practically nonstop writing, performing, and marketing himself.

When asked about his romantic life in a May 2023 interview with Elite Daily, Matt said, “I just don’t have time. I feel like I’m going to get sick virtually every day. Not literally, but rather from exhaustion and fatigue. No, I don’t sleep. I get maybe three hours of sleep a night at most. On top of that, I perform at least twice a night, six days a week.

“So, a lot of times I’ll get done with shows. I’ll go back to my hotel, I’ll maybe smoke a little bit to unwind, and then I just edit for the next probably hour and a half.” Despite popular belief, becoming a comedian is not a glamorous profession. Becoming a famous comic on a global scale is challenging labor that leaves little room for even a casual fling.

Matt may be single at the moment, but he hopes to soon have a girlfriend (and a puppy). Had you made a joke about my late father while we were out on a date, I would have said, “You know what? You just might be the one. To have the guts to take risks,” he said when asked what he wants in a life partner.

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