Minato Namikaze The Fourth Hokage’s One-Shot Manga

Minato Namikaze The Fourth Hokage's One-Shot Manga

Now available online is the Minato Namikaze one-shot manga, which was written after he won the Naruto Narutop99 character poll. We were aware that it would be published in Japan on July 18, 2023, in Weekly Shonen Jump issue 33. At Anime Expo 2023, Viz Media also announced a simultaneous global release. MangaPlus now has “Naruto: The Whorl within the Spiral” available online.

This prequel comic by Masashi Kishimoto features Minato, Naruto’s father. But it’s not just about him. Kushina Uzumaki, his mother, also has a significant role. The action of the novel begins with Minato engaging in combat alongside Jiraya and another individual against a biju. through there, we see Minato through Kushina’s point of view, as it demonstrates how they practice sealing jutsu together.

Here is an official tweet related to this Manga:

How she always has two “keepers” with her, and how she looks forward to the opportunities to spend time with him because she is “contained” inside the barrier and separated from many other people. From there, we also learn about Minato’s interactions with other people and how he trained with Jiraya in a manner similar to how Naruto did later on in the narrative.

On MangaPlus, the narrative is available in six different languages. It is available for reading in Thai, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, and English.

Not only is there a commemorative gift for Narutop99, but new character-based Naruto SH Figuarts figures are also on the way. At Anime Expo 2023, just the Naruto one has been teased thus far.

On Crunchyroll, you can watch the Naruto and Boruto anime, while Viz Media localizes the manga. The Minato one-shot manga is currently accessible online in all countries.

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