Miraculous Discovery: Woman Found Alive Inside Submerged Jeep in Texas Lake

Miraculous Discovery Woman Found Alive Inside Submerged Jeep in Texas Lake

Two days after being reported missing, a woman was discovered alive inside a Jeep that had been drowned in a lake in Texas.

According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, a fisherman called the authorities on Friday to report that he could see an automobile at Lake O’ the Pines. A black Jeep was spotted by the fisherman around 40 feet away from the lake’s boat launch.

The tweet below confirms the news of the missing woman:

As they prepared to pull the automobile out of the lake, the officers found the woman inside. She was safely rescued from the sea, and a local hospital was then visited. We don’t know how long the Jeep was submerged, Marion County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Chuck Rogers told NPR.

The woman was reported missing by the Longview Police Department in Texas, per the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Her real name has not been revealed.

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