Netflix Shahmaran Series Review: What Is The Show About?

Netflix Shahmaran Series Review

The new Turkish supernatural thriller “Shahmaran” (or “Sahmaran”) is largely noteworthy because it is based on real Turkish folklore and local tradition. The visual polish of a Netflix production helps the series’ first appeal.

The story follows college professor Shahsu as she travels from her home in Istanbul to the region of Adana to teach a semester of specialized lectures and to spend time with her long-lost grandfather. As she becomes immersed in the Mar culture, with its veneration of Sahmaran, the mythical old queen of snakes, she begins to feel a creeping sense of the otherworldly. Here you know what is the show about and the review of Shahmaran.

Shahmaran What Is The Show About?

Shahmaran What Is The Show About

Shahsu, a determined woman, comes by train to Adana, the southern Turkey. Shahsu, a Ph.D. candidate and part-time lecturer, will give a guest lecture at Adana and stay for a semester. Shahsu comes here for a personal reason despite the intense heat and humidity.

She has been eager to visit her estranged grandfather, Davut Demir, who lives in a rural town. This meeting is one of contempt and conflict. Davut left Shahsu’s mother, Gul, at their house when she was young, promising to return. He never did. He never responded to Gul’s several letters.

Gul lived in despair just with her daughter Shahsu after her husband left her later in life. Shahsu says her mother had recently died, and she believed she was adopted, therefore her father never returned. Davut doesn’t respond to Shahsu’s hostile tone. Instead, Davut remains silent.

After starting her semester-long college employment, Shahsu moved in with her grandfather after staying in a city hotel for a few days. Maran, a neighborhood resident her age, introduces her to the hamlet and community. Maran seems to avoid the woman, even when she tries to be pleasant.

However, odd events occur around Shahsu. Maran rescues the woman from a circle of flames during a folk holiday celebration, but no one else sees it. A day later, many tourists leap into a well at a historical ruin site as if controlled by another entity. Shahsu soon senses a frightening black-robed guy stalking her.

Her teenage coworker Cihan is romantically interested in her and seems willing to do anything to get her. Shahsu thinks she’s hallucinating after stopping her meds. However, Shahsu is central to an ancient tale of love, betrayal, and curse. To know about the Netflix Shahmaran series review, read the next paragraph.

Netflix Shahmaran Series Review

The eight-part Netflix series Shahmaran premiered on January 20, 2023. Unlike the modern, Westernized shows we watch, this one has Turkish roots.

Shahmaran, a tale of slithering reptiles, raging fires, and uncharted paths, has been met with universal acclaim. Sashu, a little girl, appears to be having emotional difficulties. When she is offered a lectureship at Adana, she takes the opportunity to finally meet her grandfather, the man who left her behind.

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Stuck between incomprehensible tales and legends, Sashu gradually learns the truth alongside the readers. She meets a group of Mar, people who have faith in a higher power and a special destiny.

The mystery and tension keep increasing throughout the 10 episodes, despite some tropes like the “chosen one” arc, “the prophecy” arc, and the “everyone saves the main character knowing” arc. The mystery behind each and every character in this series is what people talk about the most.

Nothing is revealed in the first episode, and the audience’s patience is further tried. An audience interested in crime, thrillers, or horror will like the show’s grim atmosphere, which features pervasive smog, dilapidated buildings, and nocturnal festivals. In my perspective, the Shahmaran series is the best of all possible worlds, combining elements of crime, suspense, mystery, romance, fantasy, and horror.

Shahmaran begins on a Marvel-Esque note, with a sequence that causes you to second-guess the entire story’s premise. The actor leaves a cryptic message for the audience to decipher, which both confuses and intrigues them.

Both of the show’s primary protagonists are excellently cast. Serenay Sarikaya is fantastic in the role of Sashu. No one could have done a greater job than her in this role, and she is the best actor in the world.

In the role of Maran, Burak Deniz is really mesmerizing. Any other actor might have portrayed the scene as a tragic hero or the defiant beginning of a villain, but Deniz captures the director’s vision for the character. He has unmistakable charisma and attractive attributes, making him the ideal romantic interest.

The Shahmaran is an enigmatic creature from Turkish folklore. This reptilian-female hybrid seems to embody the ideal that the Turkish filmmakers had in mind when creating the protagonist of their TV show Shahmaran. She is claimed to have the ability to prevent harm at any point in its development. Long hair or not, the public will rally around Shahmaran, ensuring the show’s success.

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