New Hampshire Woman and Daughter K!lled in Shooting; Father Found De@d

New Hampshire Woman and Daughter Killed in Shooting; Father Found Dead

Officials in New Hampshire reported that a man shot a wife, their 18-month-old daughter, and another kid before he was discovered de@d from s*icide on the Merrimack River bank hours later.

At a news conference that evening, Assistant Attorney General Adam Woods of New Hampshire stated that the 42-year-old male, Jamie Bell, was observed leaving a Franklin, New Hampshire, residence on Saturday afternoon. Gunshots, according to neighbors.

Nicole Hughes, 35, and Ariella Bell, her daughter with Jamie Bell, were found shot to de@th when police arrived at the residence, according to Woods.

Hughes and Jamie Bell were described by Woods as “intimate partners.” He said nothing further about how they were related.

According to Woods, Hughes’ 5-year-old child from a previous relationship suffered a gunshot wound to her arm and a cut on her back. She was sent to a Massachusetts hospital. Her wounds weren’t seen as potentially fatal.

Bell was first listed as a person of interest, and police spent many hours looking for him on foot and by air.

Police issued an advisory to locals to remain indoors during the search because Bell was reportedly armed and threatening.

Kimberly Michaels, a neighbor, told the station, “Just made sure we locked up right away and kept the kids away from the windows and everyone.” “My thoughts are with the family,”

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Autopsies performed on Sunday revealed that Hughes and her daughter were killed, and Jamie Bell committed suicide after sustaining a single self-inflicted neck wound.

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