One Piece Netflix Cast: Is One Piece Coming To Netflix This Year?

One Piece Netflix Cast

One Piece is widely considered a cultural icon and has become a worldwide phenomenon. Since the manga’s first appearance in Weekly Shnen Jump on July 22, 1997, a total of 969 chapters have been released in 95 volumes.

More than 462 million copies of One Piece have been sold, making it the best-selling manga of all time, ahead of other popular series including Dragon Ball, Golgo 13, and Naruto. Over $21 billion has been made through the sale of One Piece manga, movies, video games, and other items, making it one of the highest-grossing fictional franchises of all time.

Cast Of “One Piece” On Netflix

Mackenyu plays Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd plays Nami, Jacob Romero Gibson plays Usopp, and Taz Skylar plays Sanji alongside Godoy’s Monkey D. Luffy. McKinley Belcher III, Morgan Davies, Aidan Scott, Vincent Regan, Jeff Ward, Craig Fairbrass, Langley Kirkwood, Celeste Loots, Alexander Maniatis, Ilia Isorel’s Paulino, Chioma Umeala, and Steven Ward all appear in the film. More cast members, according to Netflix, will soon be revealed.

Is One Piece Coming To Netflix This Year?

Is One Piece Coming To Netflix This Year

The live-action “One Piece” series from Netflix will debut via the streaming service sometime in 2023, the company said Thursday.

They made the announcement on Twitter and included a brand-new poster for the show. The movie’s protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy (Iaki Godoy), has his back on the viewer in the poster art.

The premiere date of the live-action adaptation has not been announced. In January 2020, it was officially announced. Cast members Vincent Regan as Garp, Taz Skylar as Vinsmoke Sanji, Morgan Davies as Koby, and Vincent Regan as Garp join Vincent Regan as Nami and Emily Rudd as Usopp.

Luffy, the protagonist of “One Piece,” is a naive but hopeful kid with the ability to transform his body into rubber, which he uses to bounce, twist, and bend his way out of danger. Luffy is on a quest to acquire the legendary One Piece and become the Pirate King. Here you can see also Is The Snow Girl On Netflix Based On A True Story, What Is It Based On? And Physical 100 Netflix

Millions of people are expected to be interested in Netflix’s “One Piece,” which is based on the popular pirate manga and anime of the same name. More than 500 million copies of “One Piece” have been sold, making it one of the most successful manga series of all time. The sales of “Dragon Ball” have surpassed 300 million.

Fans on Twitter, however, are doubtful that Netflix can successfully execute a live-action anime. Production for “One Piece” is being handled by Tomorrow Studios, the same firm responsible for the short-lived live-action “Cowboy Bebop” series on Netflix. Also in 2017, Netflix released a “Death Note” film that was widely panned.

Whether it’s because the script is changed too much or the actors can’t capture the spirit of the characters, live-action adaptations of anime are almost universally reviled by the genre’s devoted viewers. Considering the amount of support this anime has received, Netflix probably feels some pressure to deliver a quality adaptation.

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