When Can We Expect To See Outer Banks Season 3: Who Will Return For The Outer Banks Season 3?

Outer Banks Season 3

Outer Banks Season 3: Speculation regarding Outer Banks season three began just days following the release of the second season on Netflix this summer. The good news is that it’s finally happening as of December 8th. Netflix has officially announced Season 3 of Outer Banks. What follows is everything we know about the next episode.

When Can We Expect To See Outer Banks Season 3?

The Pogues have some good news for you. Outer Banks will return for a third season in December 2021.

All the way from Poguelandia, season three baby!” they yelled in a video that was sent out.

Netflix released a first glimpse at the group back in action in Charleston, South Carolina at the end of February 2022. The cast included Madelyn Cline, Chase Stokes, Madison Bailey, Rudy Pankow, Jonathan Daviss, Carlacia Grant, and Drew Starkey.

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On January 4, 2023, Netflix announced that the debut date for Season 3 will be Friday, February 23. There would be ten episodes in total.

Hopefully, this isn’t the last time we’ll see the show.

Outer Banks showrunner Jonas Pate has said that he hopes the show continues for at least four more seasons, but whether or not that happens depends on whether or not Netflix gives the show the go-ahead.

When asked how long the program would last, Pate told Entertainment Weekly, “We always envisioned it as something that was probably like a four-season, maybe five-season show, but definitely four seasons.” “We’ve gone for a really long shot with this. All I want is the opportunity to share those tales.”

Chase Stokes has stated his intention to continue portraying John B for the foreseeable future, which is fantastic news for all of us OBX viewers.

“I hope to continue, but that will depend on how people respond. We’re hoping that, like last year, listeners will become invested in the plot and will come to adore the development of the Pogues and the world of Outer Banks “according to Stokes’s interview with Cosmopolitan UK.

Who Will Return For The Outer Banks Season 3?

Who Will Return For The Outer Banks Season 3


The whole cast of The Pogues, including John B., JJ, Pope, Kie, and Sarah, will return for a third season. For this reason, it is reasonable for them to go back and tell the rest of the story of their adventure.

After dating for a while, Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes’ real-life characters, Sarah and John B, ended their relationship in November 2021. In an interview with ELLE published in March 2022, Madelyn addressed speculations that she wouldn’t be returning to the OBX after her breakup with Chase in the romantic realm. The 24-year-old actress has “every intention” of finishing Sarah’s story even if they broke up. “I’m telling you, I really enjoy working here, and if they want me back, I’ll be here for as many seasons as possible. I couldn’t ask for a better cast or a better staff.

What’s more, I really enjoy being in charge of filming the show. There is nothing in the world that could convince me otherwise, “she said in the media. “I’m aware that gossip is common. That [people thinking I didn’t want to come back] was something I noticed, and I wanted to address it honestly. Given how far from the truth this is.”

Carlacia Grant, who plays Cleo, has reportedly been promoted to a season regular, so fans can look forward to seeing more of her in the future season. Carlicia has expressed interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with Pope in an interview with ELLE.

If the rumored romance between Cleo and the Pope develops, she remarked, “I want to see it unfold.” “I’m also curious about Cleo’s history. In particular, I’m curious about her background and would like to learn more about her. I’d like for her to exhibit an even higher level of badass-ness.”

Some characters, including Gavin and Renfield, were killed off in season 2, thus it’s likely that they won’t be back for season 3. Who knows whether they made it out alive, though; OBX loves a good story twist.

When discussing unexpected developments, we should mention that Big John, aka John B’s long-thought-dead father, may make a surprise return in the following third season. After writing to Clara about the shroud, we left him having only realized that he had been “half-dead” for quite some time. The question is now, what will the Outer Banks Season 3 be about, now read the next paragraph.

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What Will The Outer Banks Season 3 Be About?

As Season 2 ended, Clara was considering whether or not to aid John B and the rest of the Pogues in their search for the shroud after receiving a letter from John B’s half-dead father. Whether Big John learns about John’s survival at the beginning or the conclusion of Season 3 is an open question. Ward and Rafe, who murdered Big John and committed other crimes to thwart the Pogues’ search, should be held accountable for their conduct.

The season could potentially focus on the Pogues’ efforts to return to the OBX and their grand scheme to grab the gold and cross from Santo Domingo.

Chase Stokes told Elite Daily in an interview published in April 2022 that many of the questions raised by Season 2 will be answered in Season 3. “In my opinion, many open threads will be resolved. Many mysteries will be solved. These children will, as always, be subjected to rigorous testing “That’s what he told the media outlet, he said.

According to an interview with Elite Daily, Chase revealed that he has no idea how season 3 will unfold because filming is still underway. “The writers are great at keeping us on our toes, which I believe results in more spontaneous and engaging performances. Outside of the footage we filmed in Barbados, I have no idea what is happening “His words. Further, he disclosed that Season 3 features a more relaxed atmosphere than Season 2. According to Chase, “Season 2 was like a death metal album.” As one character puts it, “Season 3 would be like the acoustic ballad record of the Outer Banks music industry, with a lot going on.”

In July 2021, Madison Bailey told Cosmopolitan that she expects a romantic development between Kie and JJ in the third season. “We’re a dynamic duo because we’re both aggressive and open to wild concepts. These two characters share a fundamental similarity that makes them a good fit, “The words of Madison.

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