Over 600 Pigs Rescued From Overcrowded Florida Sanctuary

Over 600 Pigs Rescued From Overcrowded Florida Sanctuary

After its overburdened owner requested assistance, animal control authorities hauled up more than 600 pigs from an animal sanctuary in Florida.

According to John Robinson, the county’s director of animal control, it took officers in Escambia County nearly four days to round up that many pigs on the 8-acre (3.2-hectare) farm utilized by In Loving Swineness Sanctuary.

According to the Pensacola News Journal, the sanctuary’s proprietors used roughly 150 miniature pigs last year to clear invasive cogon grass from the area around the Cantonment hamlet in the Florida Panhandle.

Fortune confirms the news on its official Twitter account:

The pigs turned out to be quite successful breeders. Robinson claimed that their population had increased to the point where the owner of the sanctuary called his office last week and stated, “I can’t take this anymore.”

Animal control officers left a few of the larger pigs behind during the roundup because the pigs had “zero interest” in collaborating with them and making sure no one was wounded, according to Robinson.

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When you’re dealing with that many creatures, it’s really challenging, Robinson added. “The county shouldn’t have to clean up someone else’s mess like that. We’ve pretty much used up all of our resources at this point.

The caught pigs were divided up and transported beyond the county to farms and other new residences.

On Tuesday, a $250 punishment was imposed on the landowner for breaking a local zoning law. According to Robinson, county officials are considering additional possible penalties for the land owner and the sanctuary operators.

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