Pamela Anderson Net Worth: Pamela or Tommy, Who Has More Money?

Pamela Anderson Net Worth

Some of Pamela Anderson’s best qualities also contribute to her wealth. The blonde stunner first gained notoriety for her stunning appearance while working as a Playboy Playmate and Baywatch Babe in Hollywood. It’s impossible to ignore the impact she’s had on the evolution of popular culture, regardless of how you feel about her.

Anderson has proven she can make it as an actress with her critically lauded performance on Broadway in Chicago. Her highly public personal life is now even more accessible to fans thanks to her new memoir Love, Pamela, and the Netflix documentary Pamela, A Love Story. We can’t help but speculate on how much money this voluptuous young lady has made over the years.

Pamela Anderson Net Worth

Canadian-American Pamela Anderson has a net worth of $20 million as an actress, glamour model, producer, author, and animal rights activist. A former Playboy model, Pamela Anderson shot to popularity when she was cast in the hit television series “Baywatch.”

Pamela’s high-profile, troubled marriages to Motley Crüe’s drummer Tommy Lee, singer Kid Rock, and film producer Jon Peters have garnered her almost as much attention as her on-screen roles.

Earnings at Baywatch

Pamela Anderson was paid only $1,500 per episode in the first season of Baywatch. Considering there were 22 episodes in that season, that equates to $33,000 in revenue. Pamela made an average of $6.6 million every season ($300,000 x 22 episodes).

Pamela Anderson’s Lavish Real Estate Portfolio

Pamela Anderson's Lavish Real Estate Portfolio

On New Year’s Eve of 1994, Pam and Tommy met for the first time. Six weeks later, they tied the knot. Six weeks ago, in the middle of February to be precise, Tommy dropped $837 thousand on a mountaintop mansion in Malibu. A brand-new home was built on the 2.3-acre lot in 1991.

Over and over again, Tommy and Pam spent what can only be characterized as an “obscene” amount of money on house improvements. This is the mansion where the famed sex tape was stolen by an angry ex-carpenter named Rand Gautier. Pam and Tommy were married when they were still living in the same house. Tommy received $2.5 million for the sale of his house in 2005. The notorious mansion burned to the ground in November 2019.

Pamela bought a home in Malibu for $1.8 million back in the year 2000. She spent $8 million on a brand-new, ultra-modern house after demolishing the old one. Pamela Anderson’s home in Malibu has a sauna, a private movie theater, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and an open floor layout. There is a stone gate in the front and a sun deck on the roof. There is also a little courtyard with an olive grove.

In March of 2013, she put the home on the market for $7.75 million. After failing to sell the home, she advertised it for rent at a whopping $50,000 a month during peak season. She put the house up for sale on March 4, 2021, for $14.9 million. A long-term tenant of hers was paying $40k/month in rent. The house was sold for $11.8 million in August of 2021.

She has a six-acre waterfront property on Vancouver Island in Canada, which she has owned for decades. Her grandmother had a general store on the site, and she ended up buying it from her. Before Pam was born, her parents occupied a cabin on the property. Her parent’s marriage took place there later on. In recent years, Pam has spent over $1 million modernizing the buildings on the property. One of the barns was converted into an animal refuge by her in the month of November 2020.

Pamela or Tommy, Who Has More Money?

Famously, Pamela Anderson was married to Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe in the mid-1990s. There were many reasons why this marriage became notorious. For starters, the pair got married after only four days of dating.

It wasn’t helped by the fact that things were always tense between them; in fact, Lee would spend six months in the Los Angeles County Jail after being convicted of spousal violence for beating Anderson while she was holding their infant boy. They wed in 1995 and divorced in 1998; they got back together for a while in 2008 but eventually drifted apart again in 2010.

However, the couple’s honeymoon sex tape—made without their knowledge or consent—became extensively circulated and is largely regarded as the reason for the marriage’s notoriety. This was an early example of a scandal involving a celebrity sex tape. Anderson suffered greatly as a result of the publicity following the release of the stolen sex tape.

Many people are curious as to whether Pam or Tommy is wealthier due to their close relationship. In 2023, Pamela Anderson is said to be worth $20 million. Meanwhile, Tommy Lee, her ex-husband, is rumored to be worth $70 million. Tommy would be considerably wealthier as a result of the profits from his tours.

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