Parker Schnabel Net Worth: Where Did He Live New York Or Alaska?

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Gold miner and reality television star Parker Schnabel, who hails from the United States. He is most well-known for his role as a star on the reality television series Gold Rush and its spinoff, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, which has aired for many seasons. Scroll down to check Parker Schnabel Net Worth.

Parker Schnabel Early Life

Parker The 22nd of July, 1994 finds Russell Schnabel being brought into the world in Haines, Alaska. Payson Schnabel is his brother, and his parents are Roger and Nancy Schnabel. He also has a brother named Roger. Ever since he was a young boy five years old, Parker Schnabel has been working in the mining industry.

Parker spent his childhood working for the mining company owned by his grandfather, John Schnabel, known as Big Nugget. When he was so young that his feet couldn’t even reach the pedals, he was already operating heavy machinery.

Even though he was still a student in high school when he rose to fame, Parker Schnabel participated on his school’s varsity basketball team. In college, Parker planned to major in geology or mining studies, with the goal of eventually taking over the management of the family mining operation. Parker is an enthusiastic explorer and outdoorsman. After completing his education, he was given responsibility for running the mine on a daily basis.

Parker Schnabel stepped into his grandfather John’s role as manager of the day-to-day operations of the mine after John stepped down from those responsibilities. He took charge of the situation, led a group of miners who were over twice his age, and demonstrated that he was capable of finding significant amounts of gold.

Parker made the contentious choice to forego attending college and instead relocate from his hometown mining area to the Yukon territory in the hopes of finding new opportunities for financial success. He started the business by withdrawing money from his own college trust fund and using it as initial capital.

Parker Schnabel Career

After completing his education, Parker Schnabel assumed responsibility for running the mine on a daily basis. After his grandfather finished his workday, he would go to work for his grandfather.

Schnabel rose to prominence after appearing in the pilot episode of the Discovery Channel series titled “Gold Rush Alaska,” which premiered in the year 2010. After attempting to assist the miners at Porcupine Creek, he rose to prominence as a result of his actions.

He managed his own mining operation and discovered 1029 ounces of gold during that time. Schnabel was also a star on the reality television series “Gold Rush: The Dirt,” which ran from 2012 to 2016 and aired on Discovery Channel.

The year after that, he had a starring role in the reality television spin-off series known as Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. In addition to that, he has served as a producer on all three of the shows. By the time he was 24 years old, he had extracted gold worth a total of $13 million.

Parker Schnabel Personal Life

Ashley Youle, an Australian veterinary nurse, was Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend for a while. She was a cast member on the reality show and helped him mine for gold in the Klondike. After being together for two years, Parker revealed in December 2018 that she and her partner had decided to part ways. In 2019, there were rumours that he had a new love interest who worked as an assistant producer on his show and her name is Sheena Cowell.

He admits to being a workaholic and places a greater emphasis on his mining work than on his personal life. He went all out and spent over 950 thousand dollars to purchase the sprawling mansion in Alaska that had been his dream home for so long. In January of 2017, Parker angered fans when he took to Facebook to announce that he would soon be revealing his baby to the world, only to twist the plot and reveal that the “baby” in question was actually a fur baby–his new dog. This caused fans to feel betrayed.

Parker Schnabel Personal Life

Parker Schnabel Real Estate And Cars

American Parker Schnabel resides in and is employed by the aforementioned location. The fact that he was born in Alaska means that he has always had some connection to the mining industry. His ancestors have been engaged in the mining of gold for several generations. Parker has a home in both New York and Alaska, but he primarily lives in Alaska.

Parker’s collection of automobiles Schnabel is the proud owner of a sizeable number of automobiles. His collection includes a wide variety of automobiles of various makes and models. Schnabel is the current owner of a Mercedes, a Jeep, a Chevrolet, and a number of other vehicles. The majority of the time, he favours large and powerful cars.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Net Worth: $8 Million
Date of Birth: Jul 22, 1994 (28 years old)
Gender: Male

He has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

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