Paul Simon’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does the Singer Have?

Paul Simon Net worth

Paul Simon is widely regarded as a seminal figure in the development of both folk rock and popular music at large. Paul Simon has been a popular performer for decades thanks to his work with Art Garfunkel and as a solo artist.

Songs like “The Boxer,” “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” “Graceland,” and more by Simon and Art were favorites of their fans. In addition to making and selling over 100 million records, the team released four studio albums during their time together. Paul has sold approximately 10 million records on his own.

Paul’s followers are concerned about his current financial situation in light of a concert special honoring his musical achievements. After all, it’s impossible for a musician to sell millions of records and not have a comfortable financial cushion. How much money does Paul Simon have? What we know so far is detailed below.

Paul Simon Net worth

Singer-songwriter Paul Simon of the United States has a net worth of $200 million. Paul Simon, an American musician, and composer whose career spans decades, has enjoyed widespread acclaim and enormous commercial success. Simon had success both on his own and as half of the duo Simon & Garfunkel with Art Garfunkel.

Paul Simon Sells Song Catalog to Sony for $250 Million

Paul Simon Sells Song Catalog to Sony for $250 Million

Paul Simon sold his complete song collection to Sony Song Publishing, which was announced on April 1, 2021. The actual sum of the transaction was not made public but was later verified to be $250 million.

All of Simon’s composing and publishing rights were included in the sale, making Sony the sole beneficiary of any future royalties. Approximately 400 tracks were sold, including many of his greatest hits from his time with Simon & Garfunkel. Songs like “The Boxer,” “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” “Graceland,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and “Mrs. Robinson” are among the most famous in the genre.

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Paul and Edie Sell Connecticut Estate for $10.8 Million

Paul and Edie invested over $16 million to purchase a 32-acre plot of land in New Canaan, Connecticut in 2012. The house was put on the market in April 2019 for $14 million. The main home is 8,800 square feet, and there are a lot of grounds to explore. They sold it in June of 2022 for $10.8 million to a willing bidder.

They still own the duplex in the Upper West Side building where many famous people live. Lorne Michaels, a close friend of theirs, and Robert De Niro are neighbors.

They also own a 10-acre ranch in Allen, Texas, and a 30-acre coastal mansion in the Hamptons town of Montauk.

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