Inside Pauly Shore’s Multi-Million Dollar Fortune: The Unlikely Success Story of a 90s Comedy Icon

Pauly Shore Net Worth

Pauly Shore is a comedian, actor, and director who rose to fame in the ’90s because of his many hilarious film and television roles. He began performing at age 17 and has amassed a considerable fortune as a result.

Given his lengthy and fruitful career in show business, Pauly Shore’s net worth is a topic of much speculation among his devoted following. What is Pauly Shore’s net worth, exactly?

Pauly Shore Net Worth

Actor and comedian Pauly Shore of the United States has a $30 million fortune. Not only is Pauly Shore a stand-up comic, filmmaker, producer, and podcaster, but he is also well-known for his humorous roles in films including “Encino Man” (1992), “Son in Law” (1993), and “In the Army Now” (1994).

Pauly’s mockumentary “Pauly Shore Stands Alone,” released in 2014, earned the award for Best Documentary at the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles, and he has presented the podcasts “Pauly Shore Podcast Show” and “Pauly Shore’s Random Rants.” Since the 1970s, Shore’s family has owned the Comedy Store in West Hollywood.

Pauly Shore’s Rise to Fame and Fortune

Pauly Shore's Rise to Fame and Fortune

Shore first appeared on television in an episode of “21 Jump Street” in 1987 and then in the 1988 film “For Keeps?,” which also starred Molly Ringwald. With co-stars, Brendan Fraser and Sean Astin, Pauly’s 1992 film “Encino Man” made $40.7 million on a $7 million budget and was a box office smash.

Two of his subsequent films, 1993’s “Son in Law” (grossing $36.4 million) and 1994’s “In the Army Now” (grossing $28.8 million), followed “Encino Man” in terms of box office success. The 1995 film “Jury Duty” was a box office bomb because it only made $25 million, whereas the 1996 picture “Bio-Dome” only made $13.4 million on a budget of $8.5 million.

Pauly had his own show on the Fox network in 1997 called “Pauly,” however after only five episodes, the show was canceled. As an actor, Shore has appeared as himself on three different shows: “Entourage” (2005, 2007), “Workaholics” (2016), and “Alone Together” (2018).

Pauly’s mockumentary “Pauly Shore Is Dead” came out in 2003, and he had a hand in every aspect of its creation. It earned Shore an Audience Choice Award for directing at the Slamdunk Film Festival despite only earning $11,000 during its limited premiere.

In 2005, he was a main character on the TBS reality show “Minding the Store,” and in 2009, he appeared in and directed the mockumentary “Adopted.” Comedy specials “Vegas is My Oyster” (2011) and “Pauly-Tics” (2012), both directed and produced by Pauly, are also available.

Pauly Shore’s Hollywood Hills Mansion

Located in the Hollywood Hills, Shore’s 4,500-square-foot mansion cost him $1.5 million in 1996. After completing renovations in 2015, he tried to sell the home for $13 million but was unsuccessful. He then decided to rent it out for $27,000 a month. He relisted the property in 2020 at a new, higher price of $9.5 million.

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Pauly Shore’s Career: Accolades, Nominations, and Consistent Recognition from the Golden Raspberry Awards

Shore’s cinematic career weathered several storms, but he still managed to win a number of accolades and nominations. Shore’s first comedy album, 1991’s The Future of America, was voted Best Comedy Album by college music critics. In addition, the National Association of Record Merchandisers nominated his second album, Scraps from the Future, for the Best Sellers Award.

Throughout the ’90s, Shore was consistently named the worst actor by the Golden Raspberry Awards. In 1993, he ‘won’ the award for Worst New Star in Encino Man, and in 1996, he ‘won’ the award for Worst Actor in Jury Duty. Shore and Tom Arnold both shared the 1997 award for Worst Actor for their performances in Bio-Dome, which was released that year.

For his roles in Encino Man, BIO-Dome, and Jury Duty, Shore was nominated for Worst New Star of the Century at the Razzies in 2000, as if those honors weren’t enough. Thankfully, in the same year, he also won Worst New Star of the Decade rather than Century.

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