Get Ready To Binge-Read: Perfect Addiction Release Date Revealed

Perfect Addiction Release Date

The family of Wattpad adaptations continues to expand. The After movies are based on a series of books that became popular as One Direction fan fiction on the website Wattpad. Through My Window, the three books in the Kissing Booth series, and Light as a Feather are just some of the Wattpad novels that have been adapted for the big screen. The next book to get the adaptation treatment is Claudia Tan’s Wattpad novel Perfect Addiction.

The protagonist, Sienna (Kiana Madeira), is a young woman whose boyfriend has been cheating on her with her sister. As he competes in mixed martial arts, she makes the decision to train an opponent to fight him. But things take an unexpected turn when she develops romantic feelings for her trainee.

Kiana Madeira, Ross Butler, and Matthew Noszka will play pivotal roles, according to Deadline’s 2021 cast announcement. The film will be directed by Castille Landon (Fear of Rain, After We Fell, and After Ever Happily), and the script will be written by Stephanie Sanditz. In the past, Sanditz has written for the television show Talk Like Love.

What follows is a comprehensive guide to Perfect Addiction.

Perfect Addiction Release Date

On March 24, 2023, Perfect Addiction was released on Amazon Prime. While the film’s R classification indicates strong language and s*xual material, it may be fun for a group of adults to see on a date or with friends.

Is Perfect Addiction On Amazon Or In Cinemas?

Although Perfect Addiction will be accessible on Amazon Prime Video first and foremost, it will also be shown in select cinemas on March 27 and March 29. If you want to see Perfect Addiction at a theatre, you can find out whether it will be screening near you and get tickets on Fandango.

Fans of turbulent love triangles will enjoy watching Sienna, Jax, and Kayden demonstrate how easily love can turn into hatred. Those who liked the book and those who like the genre, in general, should both like the new film.

Perfect Addiction has you covered whether you choose to experience the romantic and confrontational tension in a public setting or in the comfort of your own home.

Does Perfect Addiction Have a Teaser?

The teasers, set to Charlotte Lawrence’s “Joke’s on You,” reveal the film’s fundamental concept as we see Sienna’s apparently ideal existence with Jax, the charming self-proclaimed bad guy, crumble and her friendship with Kayden, her boss, and potential love interest, heat up.

Training sequence and fight choreography fans will like the blend of passionate love scenes and brutal, last-ditch boxing battles. There are romantics and there are warriors in the world. “Sometimes you just can’t tell,” Sienna adds in a voiceover.

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In Perfect Addiction, Who Plays What Roles?

Kiana Madeira plays Siena in Perfect Addiction. Madeira is well recognized as Deena from the Fear Street films available on Netflix. In addition, she portrayed Nora in the After movies. Like Perfect Addiction, the angsty romance story After has its roots on the social media site Wattpad. Madeira’s portrayal of the role defined by Claudia Tan as

“strong, physically speaking, but she makes some questionable decisions in the process…Her journey to overcome her flaws is something that feels rewarding to see.”

Madeira’s on-screen love interest, Kayden, is played by Ross Butler of 13 Reasons Why. For Netflix’s To All the Boys series, Butler portrays Trevor. In the Shazam! movies, he plays an older Eugene, and in Raya and the Last Dragon, he provides the voice of the leader of the Spine.

Matthew Noszka plays Sienna’s bad-boy ex-boyfriend Jax. Prior to his appearance as J.P. in the Netflix film Let it Snow, based on the John Green, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson novel of the same name, Noszka modeled for Nike. He also featured as Jackson on the Fox sitcom Star.

Bree Winslow portrays Sienna’s sibling Cara. Besides her role as Callie on CryptTV’s Stereoscope, Winslow has guest-starred on Euphoria and featured in an episode of Bosch.

Manu Bennett and Nicolas Duvernay both make cameo appearances. Duvernay has recently been in the romantic comedy Purple Hearts, and he has also guest-starred on the television series Bel-Air. Bennett’s past TV roles include Crixus on Spartacus and Slade/Deathstroke on Arrow, both from The CW.

The Plot of “Perfect Addiction”

The Plot of Perfect Addiction

The protagonist of Perfect Addiction is an MMA trainer named Sienna, who suffers a devastating heartbreak when she catches her lover Jax (Matthew Noszka) in an extramarital affair with her sister. She suddenly loses her house and the two people she trusted the most.

This motivates Sienna to find and train a new opponent capable of defeating her ex-boyfriend in combat. But, the path of vengeance often leads to the path of love. The official summary provides a more accurate preview of the content.

MMA trainer Sienna thinks that she and champion boyfriend Jax are the perfect team. That is, until the day she discovers him cheating on her with her own sister. Bent on revenge, Sienna starts training the one man capable of dethroning Jax: his arch-nemesis Kayden. What begins as payback quickly turns into something much more heated as boundaries are blurred and workouts get steamy.

The teaser gives viewers a glimpse into the beginnings of Sienna and Jax’s relationship, as well as the end of that relationship and the fallout that followed. Sienna is ready to move on, but Jax is seemingly doing everything he can to fix what he broke and ward off any suitors. He hints to Kayden (Ross Butler) that he and Sienna will get back together soon by saying that Sienna is and always will be his.

It’s been said that Kayden is a “complex” kid. There are several possible outcomes here, but his narration in the teaser suggests that he is “addicted” to Sienna. The summary of the book states that he allows her to move in with him, marking the beginning of their working-turned-romantic partnership.

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