The Couples In Perfect Match Who Is Still Together?

Perfect Match Who Is Still Together

Hit There has been some time since the filming of the first season of the Netflix reality TV show Perfect Match, which included the pairing off of various singles. Although the reality shows Perfect Match only began showing around Valentine’s Day this year, it was taped the year before. Couples could easily decide whether to break up or remain together after filming wrapped.

Consists of a Perfect Fit Dom and Georgia were named the “Perfect Match” at the end of Season 1; they weren’t the only pair in a committed relationship then. On the last episode of “Perfect Match,” other couples were paired off as well, including Chloe and Shayne and Joey and Kariselle.

Joey’s proposal to Kariselle was one of the most incredible moments for Netflix users watching the finale, with the show ending with Joey announcing the news to his mother during the closing credits.

It’s hard to tell how authentic the connections on the show were because, of course, reality TV is notorious for creating stories and relationships. The fact that many of the couples featured on Perfect Match reside in various countries makes it understandable that viewers would be curious how their favorite pairings are doing in the years following the show’s conclusion.

Perfect Match Who Is Still Together?

The three couples that were together at the end of Perfect Match are not, in fact, still dating. In addition to Joey and Kariselle‘s breakup, Georgia and Dom’s relationship has ended, and Chloe and Shayne are no longer together. While this news will undoubtedly surprise some viewers of the Netflix show, it was probably already understood by most viewers that this would be the result for most couples.

It is unclear whether Netflix will order a second season of Perfect Match after seeing how well the first went over, but it seems likely. Netflix will likely keep chasing reality TV as a whole, as it is much more cost-effective than scripted content production.

Jessica Cantello comment on Prefect Match’s Couple:

Even so, several of Netflix’s most popular reality shows haven’t been picked up for a second season. Fans still don’t know if they can expect to see another season of The Circle, and they still haven’t heard if Perfect Match will be renewed for a second season. I’m hoping that further news on that front will be forthcoming.

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