Phoenix Mother’s Boyfriend Charged With Toddler’s Death

Phoenix Mother's Boyfriend Charged With Toddler's Death

On Friday, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office stated that 23-year-old Diego Miguel Garcia, detained in early February for the murder of his girlfriend’s young boy while in his care, had been indicted.

Reports of a kid under one-year-old showing indications of trauma prompted Phoenix firefighters to react to an apartment near South Montezuma Street at around 11 p.m., as detailed in court filings.

While en route, they contacted Phoenix police and took him to Valleywise County Medical Hospital for treatment.

Initial medical reports claim the toddler sustained a contusion to the skull, a cranial hemorrhage, bruising to the left cheek, back, and abdomen, and a cut lip.

The child’s injuries proved fatal, and he was proclaimed dead the following morning, on February 2.

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What Happened That Caused The Kid To Die?

When police arrived, they spoke with the grandmother, who had called 911 about the child’s whereabouts.

The boy’s grandmother said in court records that the boy’s mother brought the toddler to the grandmother’s house when the boy was unresponsive. She informed police that she had observed him all day, from 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., and that he had shown no signs of injury or acted “out of the ordinary.”

According to court filings, the mother confirmed the grandmother’s account, stating her son behaved normally when she picked him up.

The youngster’s mother had to work at 5:30 p.m., so her live-in boyfriend, Diego Garcia, was responsible for him and Garcia’s 5-year-old child.

Garcia had dated the toddler’s mother for four to six weeks and lived there for over a month, according to court filings.

At 9 o’clock that night, Diego phoned the toddler’s mother to report that her son had injured his lip while playing with Diego and his other child.

When the boy’s mother arrived home at 10:30 p.m., according to court filings, she found her son sleeping, with a cut on his lip, a bump on the head, and unresponsive.

The mom tried to rouse the kid by splashing cold water on his face, but he didn’t budge.

According to the paperwork, she then took him to his grandmother’s residence, requesting that she phone emergency services.

Garcia was the only adult responsible for the child when the injuries occurred, and she was interviewed at the Phoenix police headquarters on February 2.

Evidence suggests that between 5:20 and 10:30 p.m., Garcia gave the court many versions of what transpired while babysitting the youngster.

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Court Evidence

According to the evidence presented in court, these accounts don’t square with the toddler’s injuries or the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Garcia had previously claimed that the kid had struck his head on the wall after running into the edge of a door while in his charge.

He went on to tell police that the infant had fallen off a couch and struck his head and that he had also fallen out of a crib and banged his head on the tile floor. Garcia elaborated by claiming he tried to pick up the baby from the crib, but the infant slipped out of his grasp.

Garcia allegedly told police that the third time the youngster hit his head, he fell forward, cutting his lip, and Garcia was responsible since he had whacked the back of the toddler’s head while sitting on the floor.

Garcia had no parental rights and no license to chastise the child physically, according to court filings.

One count of first-degree murder, a class one hazardous crime against children, and one count of child abuse, a class two dangerous crime against children, have now been filed against Garcia.

When an adult kills a kid, the office of the Maricopa County Attorney will seek justice because “children are some of the most vulnerable in our community,” as stated by Rachel Mitchell.

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