Physical 100 Netflix Cash Prize, Final End, And Review Like A Love-Based Reality Show Alternative

Physical 100 Netflix

On January 24, 2023, at 3:00 a.m. ET, the physical release of 100 would go live on Netflix (the USA). This is the first Korean reality survival show on Netflix, and it puts Koreans against one another in a competition to see who can demonstrate the most impressive physical abilities.

The premiere of the new reality show took place at the 2022 TUDUM Korea Carnival, which was broadcast on Netflix. More than a hundred male and female athletes will push themselves to the limit in a variety of physically demanding events. Altogether, the first season of Physical: 100 will consist of ten episodes that will each range between thirty and forty-five minutes.

Financial Rewards Surprised Physical 100 Participants

When contestants realized how much money was at risk on the Netflix show, they couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

They reported feeling “chills” and one competitor stated the prize was worth risking one’s life for.

Everyone’s goal is to win the cash reward, and they’ll stop at nothing to achieve it.

How Many Us Dollars Are 300 Million Won?

To put that in perspective, $300,000,000 in Korean won equals roughly $243,188 in American currency.

Approximately $196,073 in British pounds.

Some have called Physical 100 “the real-life Squid Game,” but alas, the mythical prize money has not been replicated.

The winnings from Squid Game were 45,600,000,000 won. That’s a whopping $38.6 million in today’s currency, which could be too much for the real contenders to handle.

How Long Do We Have Till Physical 100’s Capstone?

On February 21st, Netflix will release the show’s final episode of Physical 100.

At long last, viewers will be able to find out who wins the grand prize in Episode 9.

New episodes of the Netflix series are released at 3 a.m. Eastern Time (12 a.m. Pacific Time) (ET). That’s 5:00 PM in Korea, 4:00 PM in the Philippines, and 8:00 AM in GMT.

Physical 100 Review: Love-Based Reality Show Alternative

Physical 100 Review Love-Based Reality Show Alternative

“Physical 100” on Netflix reminded us of “Squid Game.” The setting, amount of competitors, ridiculous 300 million prizes, and frequent voiceover proclaiming “it’s alright to kill” instantly drew comparisons.

In Task 0, some individuals mentioned feeling the same way. “The Pecking Order,” the first episode, introduced the cast in the opening half-hour. Korean reality television is unique. Despite being politically correct, they utter some of the most cringe-worthy things.

The show is written. The men present themselves as a chance to show off, while the first woman says she’s there to see who has a prettier figure. Naturally, sexism is from a non-Korean perspective. We’re addicted anyway. In this first half-hour, we can’t help but assume that a reality program from any other demographic wouldn’t have kept us this intrigued.

However, your tongue-in-cheek confidence and nicely aggressive assessment of your competitors made us smile. Florian stood out. German but “a Korean at heart,” His humor convinced us. “We can’t beat him in this world but will try in the next” is so Korean or East Asian that we couldn’t stop smiling at this man who seemed to have found a home in a different land.

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The “whoa” sold us. It’s a Korean thing to say when they’re amazed or astonished. Florian perfected his “whoas.”

Each contender stood next to their torso bust. As a non-gymgoer, identifying people’s busts before reading their names was confusing. The episodes become increasingly shirtless. The initial task was to hang in the air as long as possible. The floor opening to reveal the pool was so “Squid Gamesque” after they arrived.

This game was for next-game privileges. Just glancing at them fatigued our arms. As contestants gave up and fell into the water, it became a war of wills rather than strength. Appreciate the third-place woman. She persevered. We thought her leg-strength method inspired other contenders. It would have been amazing if she won.

Yak Seon was the favorite of the two remaining contestants, Kyeong Baek. The cameras and participants cheered him on. He was an Olympic gymnast, so his triumph seemed assured, but Kyeong Baek, the UTD officer who just mentioned he had been hanging off things throughout his employment, won this round. Who was more stubborn decided it.

The “Physical 100” reality show is great at mocking loss. The top 50 persons are elevated. The losers wait for them and ponder if they should “woah” when they appear on stage. They produced that sound, and we rolled our eyes so hard that we worked out. Winners chose their opponent and arena for the following assignment, a one-on-one game.

We saw Cha Hyun Seung unexpectedly. “Single’s Inferno” Season 1? Everyone expected Ji A would select him, but the queen did not. He was recognized and dubbed “Netflix’s son.” Despite winning the first round, he was not the public favorite.

“Physical 100” is cruel because the loser breaks their bust while departing. The first fight was hostile; the second was hilarious. The zombie choreographer from “The Kingdom” and “Hellbound” was one of the opponents, and his movement across the arena had everyone roaring for him. He won even when he lost.

Hak Seon undoubtedly sensed that, which prompted them to do somersaults to prove who was stronger. Young would have made the other games so much more fun. The next match between Shin Bo Mi Rae and Choi Hyun Mi disappointed us. It was illogical and incomprehensible. Was it “chilling” as one participant claimed when Bo Mi Rae said she could beat Choi Hyun Mi or cringe-worthy?

This trash-talking felt weird. Why was Hyun Mi astonished that Bo Mi Rae reached the ball first when she approached very slowly? They were fighting each other, not the round. We felt for Hyun Mi when she broke her bust. Ha Je Young-In Jeong Yun was another intriguing bout.

We thought it was over when the younger boy fumbled and lost the ball, but he kept his cool and won. As we wait for the next episode to see who won the next round between Agent H and Seol Ki Kwan, we can’t help but wonder why the reality show trailer was so uninteresting. The series has surprised us thus far.

However, we cannot wait for physical aggressiveness to start affecting their interactions. Watching a sore loser struggle to be polite will be fun. That will make us feel like we won and motivate us to wait for future episodes.

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