Police Apprehend Attempted Murder Suspect After High-Speed Pursuit In West Carson

Police Apprehend Attempted Murder Suspect After High-Speed Pursuit In West Carson

After sending law enforcement on a wild goose chase around Los Angeles County on Friday, an attempted murder suspect is now in custody in West Carson.

Authorities stated without going into more detail that the pursuit started at approximately 12:10 p.m. when officers noticed a guy sought in connection with an attempted murder on March 26.

The vehicle the driver was driving was a four-door pickup truck in a silver or champagne hue that had already sustained some wear and tear, notably to its tires.

The motorist approached Inglewood after approximately twenty minutes and proceeded through a residential neighborhood at a slower speed.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Even after leaving the neighborhood, the truck maintained a speed of about 20 mph, even though there was a definite lean to the right side of the vehicle.

The truck’s driver started purposefully smashing other cars that were in its path as soon as it exited Inglewood. Three individuals fled the vehicle when that failed.

The suspect then got into an SUV, which the police were also pursuing.

The SUV seemed unharmed, enabling the driver to accelerate faster and extend the chase over the hour mark.

Aerial footage from Sky5 shows the SUV driver weaving wildly between lanes of traffic as he traveled from the Westside of Los Angeles to Central L.A. and back to the Westside.

The Vehicle also received minor damage at some time.

With multiple police cars following after, the motorist had drastically slowed down by 1:45 p.m.

While in the Torrance region at about 2:00 p.m., the motorist started speeding and drove recklessly once again.

A few minutes later, near Vermont Avenue and Belson Street in West Carson, the male passenger and the female driver fled from the moving car. After confronting several people in a front yard, the guy fled on foot and entered a police perimeter. He ultimately gave himself up and was arrested.

Police verified that a guy and three women were brought into the jail.

The pursuit is still under investigation.

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