Resident Evil Village: Transform Your Red Map Into A Blue One

Resident Evil Village

Get your daughter back from the monsters with the help of some advice from Resident Evil Village. The werewolves, vampires, and other monsters of the night are all here in this East European nightmare. There are open sections to explore and puzzles to solve as well. The upcoming advice will provide you with the foundational understanding of Resident Evil Village that will allow you to immediately begin surviving and advancing in the game.

Puzzles, exploration, battle, and other features are all present from the get-go, and they all need you to get straight in. With so much to study and discover, it’s simple to lose track of specifics as you move on to more pressing matters, such as passing a new quiz or solving a tricky problem. This Resident Evil Village hints and tips cover everything we wished we’d known from the get-go, from how to avoid dying to where to find the game’s hidden areas and upgrades.

Exactly Who is Ethan Winters?

Resident Evil 7’s main protagonist, Ethan, returns to the titular village in an effort to find and save his kidnapped daughter. The goal in creating Ethan was to give the player a sense of vulnerability by having them assume the role of a more generic hero. By Resident Evil 6, the series’ protagonists had become accustomed to roundhousing zombies in the face and dodging massive explosions, so this makes sense.

Despite this, Ethan easily made it through VII and rescued his estranged wife. They had a daughter in the time between VII and Village, but she appears to have been taken, forcing him to break into yet another haunted house in search of another missing relative.

Werewolves: What’s The Deal?

Although zombies have always been the series’ biggest draw, the player has faced up against dozens of various species of monsters over the span of the many games in the Resident Evil franchise. Aside from zombies, other monsters in the first game included lizard people, enormous spiders, snakes, angry birds, and more.

With this in mind, it’s not a great leap to the Lycans that seem to be infesting the settlement throughout the events of the new game. It’s to be assumed that some new dangerous biological agent will emerge and cause human beings to undergo a series of unforeseen mutations.

Where Do I Find The Means To Preserve My Life?

Avoid wasting energy until absolutely required. In a game like Resident Evil, if you try to eliminate or engage in combat with every opponent you come across, you’ll likely die quickly and have to start again. This is due to the game’s intentional restriction of the player’s access to certain items, which necessitates careful planning before their deployment (even in the more action-oriented titles).

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In addition, the player character in a Resident Evil game usually has less power than the antagonists. As depicted by Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters, some enemies are so stronger that the player that the best course of action is to just avoid confrontation.

Transform Your Red Map Into A Blue One

Transform Your Red Map Into A Blue One


While you’re not fending against Gothic monsters in Resident Evil Village, you can go on exploratory missions through the devastated countryside of Romania. The defeat of the lycanthrope invasion is just as crucial as the recovery of all the useful artifacts hidden across the area. Luckily, you brought a map.

You’ll notice a crimson hue on your map whenever you visit a new structure or room for the first time. If you see that phrase in the map’s legend, it signifies you’re in the midst of a search. That, as far as we can tell, indicates there’s more treasure to uncover. Turning the map blue indicates a successful search, at which point you can celebrate your loot haul.

Search the floors, walls, ceilings, and drawers for any clues. Do a thorough search. Do a blue-out on that map. That is unless you truly cannot. This is not always possible. Then you can go get something useful (a lockpick, for example) and come back.

Toggle Between Your Chosen Weapon Slots

Shortly after arriving in Resident Evil Village, you’ll be able to use the D-pad to select from a variety of weapons. You have the option to customize the D-pad controls in the settings menu. This convenience provides a hint as to how you should employ your weapons: Combining attacks and switching back and forth between them is encouraged.

Create a system for associating weapons with specific routes. So, for us, the handgun goes up top, the shotgun to the right, the cool gun with the fewest bullets at the bottom, and the bombs and mines to the left. We’ve memorized every possible combination of D-pad presses that bring up the optimal weapon for any given situation.

A shotgun blow to the face, for instance, might not be fatal, but it would certainly knock down an opponent. Two or three bullets from a handgun will kill them then.

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