How Samantha Mathis Life Has Changed After River Phoenix Death

River Phoenix Death

Even though Ethan Hawke has become one of the most famous actors in recent years, he has made every effort to remain grounded in reality. He credits River Phoenix, especially after his passing, as having provided him with the most insightful lessons on the intricacies of the entertainment industry.

On October 31, 1993, River Phoenix tragically passed away, sending shockwaves through the entertainment industry. At 23, with an impressive resume already under his belt, Phoenix tragically passed away before his time. Before then, Phoenix was everyone’s favourite movie star. Ever since childhood, he’d been an activist and a vegan. Martha Plimpton, his first girlfriend, shared an anecdote about Phoenix, a vegan.

“Once when we were fifteen, River and I went out for a fancy dinner in Manhattan,” she told Esquire, “and I ordered soft-shell crabs. He left the restaurant and walked around on Park Avenue, crying. I went out and he said, ‘I love you so much, why?…’ He had such pain that I was eating an animal, that he hadn’t impressed on me what was right.”

Phoenix’s death, however, added a new layer of complexity to his story. The New York Times said that cocaine and morphine contributed to his death. For many in the Phoenix area, that night was a really terrifying one. The venue, The Viper Room, was co-owned by Johnny Depp and featured attendance from Christina Applegate. Yet it was Samantha Mathis, Phoenix’s then-girlfriend, who bore the weight of the tragedy for a long time.

Actress Samantha Mathis Had To Take A Break

Samantha Mathis was so shaken up by the loss of River Phoenix that she remained silent for over 25 years. She decided to speak about it with The Guardian in July 2019 to mark the anniversary of the tragic day.

When the anniversary rolled around this past year, Mathis recalled, “What came up for me last year around the anniversary was: ‘Oh, this also happened to me and had a profound effect on my life, more so than I still understand even with all the years of therapy,'” Mathis said. “I needed to talk about it for myself.” She claimed that her current circle of friends and family members have no idea how deeply Phoenix’s passing has affected her.

After the terrifying incident in 1993, Mathis did not immediately cease working. Her mother, actress Bibi Besch, passed away from breast cancer some time after Phoenix did. The actor went on indefinite leave because of this. “There had been just too much death. My time was up, “A statement by Mathis.

I had to stop,” Mathis said. “I stepped away from the business for two years. I fell apart.” She had just turned 26 when she chose, and she knew she needed time to figure things out.

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Actress Samantha Mathis Has Been Active For Decades

Actress Samantha Mathis Has Been Active For Decades

In the wake of River Phoenix’s passing, Samantha Mathis felt a profound loss. Mathis spoke out about what a great man he was after his passing, and his words were published in Esquire. It was Mathis who first mentioned River’s sensitivity.

“He carried the burden of the world on his shoulders because he cared so deeply about other people and other living things.” After working together on “The Thing Called Love,” Mathis called off her engagement to another actor to be with River. Peter Bogdanovich, the director, talked about this in an interview with HuffPost.

He revealed that “after working with River, “Samantha Mathis broke up with John Leguizamo after working with River,” he said. “They were very much in love. They fell in love when they kissed in the back of the truck.”

Mathis continued to work for decades despite having to take time off after the deaths of Phoenix and her mother. According to IMDb, she has appeared in “American Psycho” (2000), “Local Color” (2006), and “Billions” (2019–2020) in the role of Sara Hammon. Thanks be, she was able to come back to work and continue with her life.

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