Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman Of The Republican National Committee, Has Said This Is My Last Term As Chair

Ronna McDaniel Said This Is My Last Term As Chair

DAN a POINT, CA – EXCLUSIVE – After earning an unusual in modern times fourth term as chair of the GOP, Ronna McDaniel has stated that she would not seek a fifth term as chair of the Republican National Committee.

“My time as chair will end after this year. I will be saying it on Fox News. Successfully completed, “McDaniel said as much in an interview with Fox News on Friday.

Minutes earlier, McDaniel had secured re-election with the backing of more than the necessary majority of the 168 members of the committee who voted in a secret ballot vote for a chair. The vote occurred on the last day of the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting, which this year was held at a posh oceanfront resort in Orange County, California.

A majority of the RNC committee voted for McDaniel over her main rival, Californian RNC member Harmeet Dhillon, who received 51 votes of approval. Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, waged an unlikely campaign for chair and earned only four votes despite being a staunch backer of former President Donald Trump’s repeated litigation of the 2020 presidential election.

McDaniel, Trump’s nomination to lead the Michigan Republican Party after his 2016 election victory, was re-elected to that position for two more years (2019 and 2021). After the Republican Party’s disappointing result in the 2022 midterms, which many in the GOP believed to be a red wave election, McDaniel encouraged stability while Dhillon, who served as a key Trump legal adviser, waged an insurgent campaign emphasizing that change was required.

“I understand the difficulty of getting used to a new chair. This uniformity was important to me “As McDaniel pointed out. “Voter registration and minority outreach have seen significant shifts throughout my term. What we’ve accomplished is truly groundbreaking. To keep doing that, and to do that in the upcoming election, is essential. Afterward, I’ll gladly hand the gavel to the next speaker.”

During her time as chair, McDaniel has raised a significant amount of money for the national party. While McDaniel was in charge, the Republican Party suffered a series of election defeats in 2018, 2018, and 2020, including the loss of the House majority, the Senate, and the White House. These results prompted calls for a leadership transition within the party.

“I believe it is dangerous for us to return to our homes and disregard this message. Our party, and our own leadership positions within it, are on the line if we do this.”

Responding to questions about them on Fox News, McDaniel said, “I think the grassroots has been given some disinformation from her campaign, and we’re going to reach out to them.”

“I plan on doing a tour aimed squarely at the people. Having Dhillon come along would be fantastic. I’d like to bring along some of our party’s other top officials, “she added “On the other hand, they don’t always get the RNC’s actions. Our mission is to spread the word. But the grassroots is where our hearts lie. Gratitude is all we can muster. They must go door to door and act as poll watchers. We need to work together if we want to defeat the Democrats, therefore I’ll be traveling the country to rally my party to that end.”

McDaniel said he would phone Dhillon and Lindell and that he would also “My entire platform in this election has been the need for harmony among the people. All of us are necessary. To solve this problem, we must engage in a process of addition rather than subtraction. We also must not let our internal disagreements blind us to the fact that we must defeat the Democrats. Thus, as the party’s leader, that is what I want to accomplish. I intend to contact them both.”

There are still two years left on Dhillon’s term as an RNC committee member, but McDaniel added, “we haven’t addressed anything like that.”

The Republican National Committee (RNC) battle, which was the party’s first closely contested chair race in a decade, descended into a bitter family fight as the GOP chose its leadership. The action took place as the party prepared to launch an election cycle in which it hopes to retake the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives from the incumbent Democrats. It arrived as the party discussed its long-term viability and Trump’s prolonged hold on the GOP in the wake of November’s poor results.

In November, McDaniel boasted that she had the backing of over a hundred committee members, and she made the following statement: “The committee’s dedication to maintaining the same high standards we’ve set for voter registration and election integrity gave me confidence in my decisions. They are aware of how crucial this period is before a presidential election. They wanted to hold on to it, but they know we’ll be bringing change.”

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