Roof Caves In Near Ohio State University, Injuring 14 Individuals

Roof Caves In Near Ohio State University, Injuring 14 Individuals

Officials said that 14 individuals were hurt when a roof at an off-campus residence close to Ohio State University in Columbus fell on Saturday night.

Around 7:40 p.m., emergency personnel were called to East 13th Avenue, a few blocks from the university’s campus, in response to reports of a party’s roof collapsing.

The tweet below confirms the news:

According to the Columbus Fire Department, all victims were sent to a number of surrounding hospitals with unidentified injuries, but they are all in stable condition.

Following the collapse, some victims who were entangled in the rubble were rescued, according to the department.

According to WHIO7, authorities believe that when the roof fell, between 14 and 45 individuals were standing on top of it.

The front porch roof was in ruins, but the video reveals the house to be in good condition.

The number of injured people who attended the university is unknown.

The department stated that it is uncertain whether the house had any structural problems before it collapsed.

“We are monitoring this serious situation closely and assisting first responders in any way possible. Our thoughts are with those present and their friends and family,” The Ohio State University told The Post.

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