The Business Ventures That Have Contributed to Ryan Reynolds Net Worth

Ryan Reynolds Net Worth

It’s hard to think of a more well-known or wealthy football team owner than Ryan Reynolds.

In 2021, the Deadpool actor and his co-star on the silver screen, Rob McElhenney, purchased the Welsh club Wrexham.

Both were financially well and eager to help a club that had fallen on hard times by making an investment.

Particularly in the past several years, Reynolds’ wealth has skyrocketed, and a recent sale has made him much richer; this bodes well for Wrexham moving forward, especially given their ascension to England’s fourth division, only three divisions below the illustrious Premier League.

Ryan Reynolds Net Worth

Canadian-born actor Ryan Reynolds has a $350 million fortune. In this and subsequent parts, we’ll go into depth about how the success of his businesses, Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile, have contributed significantly to Ryan Reynolds’ fortune. Ryan Reynolds got his start in the acting industry in the 1990s, performing in soap operas.

Ryan’s charisma and wit caused him to quickly rise to prominence. His subsequent streak of commercial and critical successes has made him one of Hollywood’s most in-demand performers. Both “Deadpool” (2016) and its sequel “Deadpool 2” (2018), which Reynolds starred in, are among his highest-grossing films to date.

Ryan has also made appearances in several other critically acclaimed films, including “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” (2002), “The Proposal” (2009), “Safe House” (2012), and “6 Underground” (2019).

Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin: The Rise to Multi-Million Dollar Acquisition

Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin The Rise to Multi-Million Dollar Acquisition

Reynolds paid an undisclosed amount to acquire an “unspecified minority” stake in Aviation American Gin in February 2018. He is the face of the company and the brains behind the brand’s aesthetic. The Oregon-based House Spirits Distillery was the original founder of Aviation. Davos Brands acquired the trademark in 2016.

Aviation’s sales surged strongly from 2018 to 2020, making it the second-largest super-premium Gin brand in the US, largely as a result of Reynolds’ hilarious advertisements, most notably a video with the “Peloton girl.”

Diageo LLC reached a deal in August 2020 to purchase Aviation Gin LLC and Davos Brands LLC for up to $610 million. An initial cash payment of $335 million was made as part of the agreement, with the remaining amount to be earned after meeting performance objectives over a 10-year period.

Based on analogous arrangements involving other celebrities and alcohol brands, we can assume that Ryan has a 20% share in Aviation Gin. If so, Ryan would have made about $55 million after taxes on the milestone payments and roughly $67 million before taxes on the upfront cash portion of the sale.

Investment in Mint Mobile

He invested in the prepaid mobile phone service provider Mint Mobile in November 2019. He has appeared in multiple ad campaigns promoting Mint Mobile products and services.

T-Mobile was reported to have paid $1.35 billion for Mint Mobile in March 2023, with $526 million in cash and $823 million in stock making up the purchase price. It is estimated that Ryan had a 25% stake in Mint. If that’s the case, his cash share would be about $70 million after taxes on a total of $131 million. T-Mobile shares valued at around $205 million were given to him. 1,423,611 shares of T-Mobile stock at $144 per share as of the deal announcement date, March 15, 2023.

For Deadpool, How Much Did Ryan Reynolds Earn?

Deadpool paid Reynolds a base salary of just $2 million. Thanks to a lucrative portion of the backend points, his final paycheck climbed by nearly a factor of 10. The original Deadpool only cost $58 million to produce but made $780 million worldwide. among 2017, he made about $22 million, putting him among the top 20 highest-paid actors worldwide. Although it has not been proven, he is estimated to have made at least $20 million for his work on Deadpool 2. His potential profit from the sequel, which made $785 million worldwide, includes backend bonuses and might reach $30–$40 million.

Why did Ryan Reynolds buy Wrexham?

Buying Wrexham with fellow comedian McElhenney was Reynolds’s most exciting investment to date.

Reynolds and McElhenney’s decision to take over the club was largely influenced by their friend, the British writer and actor Humphrey Ker.

Ker, the club’s executive director, said that while they were filming a play together, he introduced McElhenney to the sport of football. During a Covid lockout, he recommended that McElhenney view some football documentaries.

Ker said: “He [Rob] just fell in love with it. He texted me back the next day and said, ‘Right let’s buy a team’.”

“Rob wanted to find somewhere which had that link between the club and fans — all clubs do but Wrexham has that more than others. It just jumped to the top of the pile — it became so clear.”

Ker reached out to the Wrexham Supporters’ Trust because they required fresh funding in the wake of the pandemic.

McElhenney then sought out a wealthy benefactor and reached out to a man he had never met before, Reynolds, who was enthusiastic about the prospect.

In 2020 November, the two friends purchased Wrexham AFC. The club’s new owners were approved by a large majority of the club’s 2,000 Supporters’ Trust members.

How much did Wrexham cost Ryan Reynolds?

At the time of the purchase, Wrexham was playing in the fifth division of English football, which is four levels below the Premier League.

Reynolds and McElhenney paid no money down to buy the club. But they settled on a contribution of roughly $2.6 million (£2 million) for facilities enhancements.

In February of 2021, they were able to take over the club.

Since then, they’ve put money into the team’s infrastructure as well as its players. The Racecourse Ground, the oldest international football facility in continuous use, is getting a new 5,000-seat stand.

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