Sayfullo Saipov, The Murderer Of A New York City Bike Path, Was Not Executed

Sayfullo Saipov, The Murderer Of A New York City Bike Path, Was Not Executed

An Islamic terrorist who purposefully ran a vehicle down a bike lane in New York City in 2017 and killed eight people has been spared the death penalty.

For carrying out the deadliest terrorist attack on the city since 9/11, Sayfullo Saipov was sentenced to death.

The same jury that found him guilty in January couldn’t agree on a sentence.

The most security jail in the US, the supermax facility in Colorado, will house Saipov for the rest of his life.

To impose the death penalty, the jury must reach a unanimity. Saipov has a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

After the attack in Manhattan, Saipov said in Arabic, “God is wonderful,” as he got out of the truck.

Police shot the Uzbek national, requesting an Islamic State flag be flown above his hospital bed.

The Halloween attack left six individuals dead at the site and two more in hospitals. There were twelve more injuries.

The tweet below also confirmed the news of the Islamic extremist:

Nine friends from Argentina visiting the city made up five of the fatalities.

A 31-year-old tourist from Belgium also passed away in the city.

Two Americans were killed: a software engineer, 23, and a financial worker, 32.

A cycling route was transformed into his battlefield, according to prosecutor Jason Richman. “He was pleased with the terrorist strike he had set off.”

The jury was informed in court that Saipov had spent a year devising the attack. He decided on Halloween because more people would probably be out and about.

His defence attorney said his client had intended to die and become a martyr.

Soon after the assault, then-President Donald Trump demanded that Saipov be put to death. In 2020, he ended a 17-year moratorium on federal executions and revived them.

Federal executions were once more put on hold under President Joseph Biden. Yet, in the fall of last year, the Justice Department declared that Saipov would face the death penalty.

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