Scott Hall Cause Of Death: Kevin Nash Remembers Scott Hall A Year After His Death

Scott Hall Cause Of Death

The death of Scott Hall a year ago stunned the wrestling community. A part of the original nWo and a two-time Intercontinental Champion, Hall is revered as a wrestling legend.

In the wake of his passing, “The Bad Man” Razor Ramon was showered with one of the most touching memorials ever. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall’s closest friend, wrote a moving homage to the late wrestling icon on Instagram, and WWE presented a video package that perfectly summarised Hall’s career.

Scott Hall Cause Of Death

After injuring his hip in March of 2022, Hall required hospitalization. Due to three heart attacks, he had surgery and is now being kept alive with the use of a ventilator. Life support was instituted for Scott, but on March 14, 2022, he passed away when it was turned off.

As an inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014, Scott Hall gave a speech that was one of the most talked-about.

The Hall of Famer is widely known to wrestling fans as Razor Ramon in addition to his achievements as Scott Hall of the New World Order.

Ramon won the IC Title four times and had a great rivalry with Shawn Michaels in the early 1990s, culminating in a famous ladder fight at WrestleMania that received five stars. Their competition helped make the tournament a household name.

In 2014, “The Bad Man” was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame, and his acceptance speech was widely regarded as one of the most touching in recent years.

Scott Hall said:

“I learned that when I stepped through that curtain, that I could have a relationship as a performer with an audience.”

His closing statement received extensive praise from the fans:

“In my lifetime, I’ve learned hard work pays off, dreams come true, bad times don’t last, but bad guys do.”

Hall shall live on in our collective memories for eternity. As one of the most impactful superstars of his generation, he left an indelible footprint in the industry.

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Kevin Nash Remembers Scott Hall A Year After His Death

Kevin Nash Remembers Scott Hall A Year After His Death

On Tuesday, it will have been a year since WWE legend Scott Hall, 63, died suddenly due to complications after hip replacement surgery.

Wrestling legend Kevin Nash, a close friend of Hall’s and a former tag team partner, paid homage to him on Twitter on Tuesday.

Exactly one year after Scott went away, today was a difficult day to be active on social media. Several folks got in touch with us. I have to accept that this is simply another Tuesday without my spouse. I think about and miss him often. Cassandra, his daughter, placed a rose at his tomb for each of us,” Nash wrote.

On April 8 of last year, Hall was put to rest at the Trinity Church Cemetery in St. Mary’s, Maryland. Nash was joined at the funeral ceremony by a number of Hall’s close friends, including other WWE legends Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Diamond Dallas Page, and Sean Waltman. There was a picture of Hall’s tombstone in Nash’s tweet.

This is Nash’s complete tweet:

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