Shooting Suspect From Arlington Lamar High School Shows Up In Court

Shooting Suspect From Arlington Lamar High School Shows Up In Court

Investigators in Arlington are still attempting to determine what caused the shooting outside Lamar High School, which resulted in the death of one student and the injury of another.

In the meanwhile, a high school student’s death is being lamented by classmates, teachers, and family members.

Ja’Shawn James Poirier has been confirmed as the victim. The gunfire that started Monday morning before the first bell rang in the Lamar High School parking lot struck the 16-year-old kid in the neck and collarbone.

A bullet grazed the face of another 16-year-old girl, but her wounds weren’t life-threatening.

There were a lot of students present on campus. A lockdown was implemented for those present as police combed the campus.

The Arlington ISD Athletics Center was the last destination for the kids before they were reunited with their families.

Based on witness descriptions, the 15-year-old shooting suspect was located and taken into custody outside of campus for capital murder. Due to the fact that he is a minor, nothing is being said about his first court appearance on Tuesday afternoon.

The boy’s father was there and addressed the court throughout the hearing. There were other family members present.

The motivation for his actions is yet unknown, according to Arlington police. They do agree that it was a deliberate strike.

The tweet below confirms the news of the shooting at old high school :

In a statement given to the court by Arlington police, it was said that security footage showed a person taking a shotgun out of a bag and pointing it toward the school’s entrance and the children standing outside. In a crowd, the suspect shot twice.

A shotgun and a backpack were found on the site by the police. It’s unclear how the youngster came across it.

According to the incident report and supplementary report given to the court, identical shot shells from the alleged firearm were discovered in the bag, at the scene, and at the house of the suspect.

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The Defendant Kept In Jail For 10 Days

The defendant shall be kept in jail, the court ordered. In ten days, there will be another hearing.

The suspect’s defense attorney, Lisa Herrick, stated, “We urge that everyone hold off on passing judgment on this young guy until we get the chance to convey his narrative and what we have learned and will learn about him.

Herrick was observed throughout the court comforting her client, who had started weeping.

“He is in charge of it. He is giving it his all “She said.

Herrick adds that not all the facts have been made public but did not go into great depth about what her client informed her.

Judge Kim offered the kid these parting remarks while the culprit is still detained.

He asserted that it was never too late to begin making wise choices.

The accused is accused of committing capital murder.

Tuesday’s meeting of the Tarrant County Commissioners opened with a minute of silence to remember the victims.

The administrators of the school system declare that they are ready for kids to return to Lamar High on Wednesday, with a large number of counselors on hand and more security after the event.

Arlington ISD Administrator Dr. Marcelo Cavazos stated, “We recognize the worry, uneasiness, and dread are all part of it, and that’s a very reasonable reaction. “I am aware of Lamar High School’s faculty and community’s emphasis on love—love for one another, love for the kids, and love for the neighborhood. And I do believe it will be a crucial pillar to cling to as they think this through.”

Tuesday was the second day in a row that Lamar High School classes and extracurricular activities were postponed as teachers and administrators gathered to explore the kind of support and counseling services that staff members and students would need.

Tuesday saw two vigils held in Jashawn’s honor.

Outside the Catholic Church of the Most Blessed Sacrament, parishioners and others gathered for a vigil. The church wished to assist the neighborhood in coping with the shooting that left one student dead, another injured, and a third person facing a capital murder charge.

In support of Lamar, Arlington ISD is joining the community-wide initiative to wear navy and gold on Wednesday.

There will be more Arlington police officers on campus when students do return.

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