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Nintendo 64 Controller Switch

The Nintendo 64 games that are now available as part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack are best experienced using the Nintendo 64 controller. Thanks to Nintendo, we can now buy wireless Nintendo 64 controllers, and anyone with access to Nintendo’s internet service can get them.

Although the three-pronged N64 pad is divisive, there’s no doubt that these new pads give the most authentic N64 experience, as they are descended from the original NES and Super NES controllers that came with the service.

How Much Are These Nintendo 64 Pads?

Only customers with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership will be able to purchase the new N64 controller from Nintendo‘s online stores; those without such membership will be unable to do so even if they visit Nintendo’s websites. Related post Sons Of The Forest Xbox

The cost of one pad is £39.99 (UK delivery is free on orders over £20) and $49.99 (US), however, they have been hard to come by as of late.

Do These Nintendo 64 Controllers Match The Originals?

Do These Nintendo 64 Controllers Match The Originals

The NSO N64 pads are a faithful reproduction of the originals in terms of size, form, and function, but they now have wireless connectivity, allowing you to play without being attached to the console or restricted to playing while seated three feet from your 65-inch 4K television.

Nintendo 64 gamepads can be charged with a USB Type-C cable. It has rumble built in thus no Rumble Pak is required. The following is some promotional text from Nintendo:

  • Form Factor – Play enhanced Nintendo 64™ games the way they’re meant to be played— using a full-size Nintendo 64 style controller!
  • Rumble Functionality – Rumble support in compatible games, such as Star Fox™ 64 – no Rumble Pak™ required!
  • Rechargeable Battery – Use the included USB A-C cable to charge the controller

The addition of a small ‘ZR’ button on top (with the ‘Z’ button underneath presumably functioning as ‘ZL’ on this pad) increases their utility for titles on the Switch that aren’t part of the Nintendo 64 library. On top of the modern tablet, you’ll find the Home and Capture buttons.

Does The Nintendo 64 Controller Require A Nintendo Switch Online Subscription?

Sadly, that’s the case. In the same way that the NES and Super NES controllers were sold in packs of two to Nintendo Account holders with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, so to are these controllers sold in pairs to those who have a Nintendo Account and a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

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Also, you can’t obtain those with a free trial subscription; you’ll need a paid plan to access them. But it seems that the N64 pad may be purchased separately from the more expensive Expansion Pass tier of Nintendo Switch Online.

Does Nintendo Switch Online Require A Nintendo 64 Controller Switch?

No! Keep in mind that you can play classics like Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, and F-Zero X on your Switch with either the Joy-Con or the Pro Controller, so there’s no need to buy these pads only to play these games online.

These are merely additions that devotees and fans of the past will appreciate because they provide a more “genuine” experience. However, the way they feel in their hands is undeniably appealing.

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