Modifications That Make Skyrim Special Edition Appear More Modern

Skyrim Special Edition

When discussing Skyrim Special Edition, you may also be interested in it. Wyrmstooth is a massive add-on that expands the game with additional content like missions and dungeons. It’s worth noting that there’s a mod for Bethesda’s RPG that incorporates content from The Witcher games. A 2GB DLC-sized mod, Dragon Hall Tavern expands Skyrim with new quests, locales, an arena, and more.

Then there’s Legacy of the Dragonborn and Land of Vominhem. You may also be interested in this mod which incorporates the Nemesis system from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, as well as this one which is based on the Castlevania series.

Modifications That Make Skyrim Special Edition Appear More Modern


The 64-bit engine featured in the re-release adds volumetric lighting and texture upscaling, although Bethesda didn’t do much to the models. Static Mesh Improvement Mod, or SMIM for short, is able to significantly improve a great deal of the game’s typically low-poly assets.

In addition to reworking the vertices and collision files of numerous objects, SMIM resolves gameplay difficulties, such as arrows being unable to pass through gaps when they should be.

Hay bales, wood heaps, tents, sconces, stone walls, sacks, and other miscellaneous items have been updated to look more realistic thanks to the High Poly Project, a newer, more up-to-date supplementary mod. Both of these modifications have their own high-definition textures that they apply to the world around you.

High-Quality 4k And 2020 Parallax Versions of Skyrim

For anything from castle walls to garlic toast, there is a suitable substitute texture available on Nexus. Large texture packs, such as Noble Skyrim, make it unnecessary to change each texture individually, which would have been an enormous time sink. An all-around fan favorite, Noble Skyrim redoes the visuals of the majority of the game with painstaking care and attention to detail over the course of its extensive redesign.

After installing Noble Skyrim, the Skyrim 2020 Parallax add-on by Pfuscher, which includes 4K replacement textures based on photogrammetry, must be overwritten. Everything inside of fortifications and towns will get a facelift for the year 2022.

Grass And Landscapes With A Tamrielic Feel

The landscapes in Pfuscher’s Skyrim 2020 Parallax mod are exclusive to that mod. One of the most modern possibilities is Tamrielic Textures – Landscapes, which can be used if you want a more targeted and uniform redesign.

All roads, bridges, and downloadable content packs (DLCs) are included, as well as all external locations, thanks to this mod’s SMIM compatibility. Its companion mod, Tamrielic Grass, adds its own set of custom groundcover, grass, and flora to complement the new minty-fresh appearance of the vast meadows of northern Tamriel.

Skyrim’s 3D Flora & Fauna

The nine holdings’ distinctive tree species serve as a powerful symbol. However, Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants are the best option for our next-gen makeover, as it can effectively replace the many trees found in both The Reach and The Rift.

Everything from towering pines to dense undergrowth benefits from this mod’s unprecedented attention to detail. A noticeable decrease in performance in Falkreath’s denser areas, but the benefits justify the drawbacks.

Revamping The Cathedral’s Players And NPCs: HMB II

DrJacopo’s Cathedral Player and NPC Overhaul is a comprehensive package of multiple mods from many writers that work together to bring the NPCs’ appearance up to date. The mod’s initials represent the three playable races in The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind: Humans, Mer, and Beastfolk. Each of them has its own normal maps that give it a distinct skin tone and muscle definition.

Tintmaps and new face geometry have been applied to NPCs as well. The mod has been rewritten from the ground up to fix compatibility issues and remove the need for a face tint patch for mods that add new NPCs.

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The Cathedral – The Armory

Similar to the previous patch, this one collects high-quality texture and mesh replacement from the Nexus community and places it in a single, convenient package for use with all equipable items. All the clothing, jewelry, weapons, and armor types, as well as the special Daedric artifacts from the main game and all the expansion packs, may be obtained with just this.

The Cathedral Weathers

The Cathedral Weathers

Source: Reddit

In 2022, the most cutting-edge, simplified, and reliable weather upgrade is Cathedral Weathers. Cathedral Weathers is based on Obsidian Weathers, a fan favorite in its own right within the SSE modding community. It adds new features including clouds, volumetric lighting adjustments, sunset variants, and downpour music, as well as fixes like JawZ’s smooth sky models.

Correct grass lighting can make or break the overall aesthetic of a setting, and this mod is one of only two on the Nexus to focus on doing so. The seasonal changes that have always been a part of Obsidian are back, with a new emphasis on how those changes unfold over time.

Tamriel Master Lights + Window Shadows RT

Taking inspiration from HHaley’s ‘Shadows’ mod for the 2011 release of the game, Window Shadows implements simulated raytracing to make the shadows cast by outdoor lighting through windows look more natural. This is a distinct advantage over competing for indoor lighting technologies such as ELFX and RLO. It also includes a reimagining of the interior lighting, complete with logical adjustments and repairs to ensure continuity and create a dramatic effect.

WizKid34’s Tamriel Master Lights performs similar functions for outdoor lighting, expanding the number of lights in urban areas and giving them a more contemporary air.

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