Sons Of The Forest Xbox: Will Sons Of The Forest Come To PS4, PS5, And Xbox?

Sons Of The Forest Xbox

One of the new games that we can’t wait to play in 2023 is Sons of the Forest. Endnight Games is prepared to release The Forest 2, a vastly enlarged survival experience that will introduce us to a brand new planet and a swath of terrifying new monsters.

As a result, it has quickly become one of the most anticipated PC games of the forthcoming year, and it promises to deliver a deserving successor to one of the best survival games of recent years.

Will Sons Of The Forest Come To PS4, PS5, And Xbox?

Let’s start with the terrible news, but not just yet. No announcements regarding a PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, or Nintendo Switch release of Sons of the Forest have been made as of yet.

The good news is that creators have not totally written off porting The Sons of the Forest to home video game systems. It’s releasing on PC first, but expansion is possible.

“We would love to come to console in the future,” Endnight Games stated in a developer interview with Gaming Bolt. “But at this time, we’re just focusing on giving the best experience possible to PC players.”

It’s worth mentioning, though, that while The Forest was released in April 2018 as a PC exclusive, it later made its way to PS4 in November of the same year.

Time Of The Release Of Sons Of The Forest

As of right now, the official release date for Sons of the Forest is February 23, 2023. The game will launch only for PC at a cost of $29.99.

Although the game was scheduled for release in May 2022, developer Endnight has already announced a postponement, citing the “overly ambitious” nature of that date. Finally, in August of 2022, the development team announced yet another delay and a new gameplay teaser.

Distribution System For Sons Of The Forest

Distribution System For Sons Of The Forest

Currently, Sons of the Forest is solely planned for the PC release. Unfortunately, we have no idea if a console release is in the works.

The previous game The Forest did make an appearance on PS4, therefore Sons of the Forest could follow in its footsteps; however, this is currently only speculation.

Platforms For Sons Of The Forest

There were two possible conclusions to The Forest, but the one depicted in Sons of the Forest—in which an older Timmy fights to control his mutation and explores a mysterious island marked “Site 2″—has been officially adopted.

The plot of Sons of the Forest begins when you are dispatched to an isolated island in search of a missing billionaire, only to discover that you have been cast into a cannibalistic nightmare.

Keeping with the style of its predecessor, The Forest, this sequel will place a greater emphasis on its visual storytelling than on scripted encounters or long cutscenes, with the main focus being on survival against the horrors of the island.

The Forest Of Sons Gameplay

The gameplay in Sons of the Forest expands upon the ideas that made The Forest so popular. It’s a free-roaming survival game where you must fend off cannibal mutants and the elements with just the resources at your disposal. You’ll be able to play on your alone or with others in cooperative multiplayer sessions, with Endnight possibly revealing that the sequel will allow for as many as eight players.

The sequel will emphasize the same three core activities—crafting, cooking, and combat—that defined The Forest, albeit the latter has been vastly expanded to include a wider variety of weapons.

Guns will be more common, but ammo will be scarce, therefore the Sons of the Forest will focus on close-quarters combat. It’s always a good idea to carry a shotgun with you, especially as Endpoint is also increasing the population of mutants here dramatically.

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