Stan Kroenke Net Worth: Where Did Stan Kroenke Get His Wealth From?

Stan Kroenke Net Worth

following 47 years in the NBA, the Denver Nuggets finally won the championship on Monday night, beating the Miami Heat 94-89 following a thrilling comeback.

The Nuggets won the series 4-1 behind the heroics of two-time NBA MVP Nikola Joki, who rallied his team back from a 10-point hole in the second quarter.

The 28-year-old Serb added the Finals MVP award to the two regular season MVP awards he had already won in 2021 and 2022.

Stan Kroenke, 75, is a billionaire and sports entrepreneur who owns the Denver Nuggets and is enjoying his fourth championship in 18 months after his Los Angeles Rams, Colorado Avalanche, and Colorado Mammoth all won their respective league championships.

“It was a dogfight,” Kroenke admitted in an extremely uncommon interview. Just the way they play, if you will. Their resilience is impressive. You’ve got a fantastic group there. Wonderful mentor. Pat Riley’s accomplishments in basketball and his impact on the game are astounding. how incredibly perceptive they are in every way.

But it was a tough battle, and it speaks volumes about the grit and determination of our troops that they were able to pull out a victory.

What is this businessman’s net worth, and who is this mysterious billionaire?

Stan Kroenke Net Worth

According to Forbes, Kroenke’s fortune is somewhere around $12.9 billion.

The tweet below also shows the net worth of Stan Kroenke:

Forbes estimates that his Nuggets are worth $1.93 billion, whereas the Rams are worth $6.2 billion, and Arsenal is worth $2.26 billion.

About $5 billion in Kroenke’s possessions include 60 million square feet of buildings, 1.5 million acres of ranches, and a controlling interest in StorageMart, a privately held self-storage corporation.

Where Did Stan Kroenke Get His Wealth From?

Where Did Stan Kroenke Get His Wealth From

In 1983, Kroenke established the real estate development company the Kroenke Group. The decision came less than a decade after he married into the world’s richest family, thereby speeding up his road to extreme wealth. The Kroenke Group’s $224.5 billion fortune was bolstered in part because several of the company’s shopping malls included Walmarts.

In 1991, he started another real estate development company called THF Realty. The corporation maintains close ties to Walmart while owning a wide range of businesses across the southern part of the country. Its value has increased to almost $2 billion now.

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Kroenke’s Real Estate Empire

Kroenke established his real estate development firm, Kroenke Group, in 1983. The company mostly constructs multi-family dwellings and retail developments. In 1991, he started another St. Louis-based real estate development firm called THF Realty.

The company has about $2 billion in assets and focuses on suburban development, specifically the construction of retail shopping complexes.

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