Steven Spielberg Net Worth: How Much Does Steven Spielberg Make Per Movie?

Steven Spielberg Net Worth

The success of Steven Spielberg’s films over many years has contributed to his fortune. In honor of the premiere of the groundbreaking, hyper-ambitious director’s Oscar contender The Fablemans, we’ll be taking a look at his staggering wealth and the highlights of his career that have made the Cincinnati-born cinematic auteur behind such blockbusters as E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, Jurassic Park, and the Indiana Jones saga (just to name a few) one of the wealthiest people in entertainment.

After being turned down for admission to USC Film School three times, Spielberg went on to revolutionize Hollywood in the 1970s as the director of the first-ever summer blockbuster, Jaws. Seven of his pictures are already archived by the National Film Registry, and he has maintained his position at the top of Hollywood’s A-list in the decades thereafter.

Learn more about Steven Spielberg’s wealth and media empire, including how he did it, in the article below.

Steven Spielberg Net Worth

American filmmaker, writer, and producer Steven Spielberg has a net worth of $8 billion and earns $150 million a year. At the time of this writing, Steven is second only to his close friend and fellow director/producer George Lucas (who is worth $10 billion) in terms of celebrity wealth.

When it comes to Steven’s own projects, he often chooses to take a lower upfront salary of $10 million in exchange for points on the gross earnings. Steven made $250 million from a deal for the film “Jurassic Park” in 1993. In today’s dollars, that would be equivalent to about $360 million. He made at least $75 million from the third installment, which he did not direct, and at least $150 million from the sequel.

He was so opposed to the idea of making “blood money” that he famously turned down a salary for his work on “Schindler’s List.” To remember and honor Holocaust survivors, he instead designated in 1994 that any future payments due to him go to the USC Shoah Foundation.

How Much Does Steven Spielberg Make Per Movie?

How Much Does Steven Spielberg Make Per Movie

At first look, Steven Spielberg’s first investment of ten million dollars appears to be on the modest side, especially when one considers the fact that he is the director with the highest lifetime grossing film career. Having said that, Spielberg does, in most cases, have back-end deals and makes a part of the income from his films.

Steven Spielberg’s Impressive Real Estate Portfolio

The value of the property Steven and Kate own is estimated to be over $200 million.

They had a piece of Malibu’s most desirable coastline (around 1.4 acres) for a long time. In 1989, they spent $3.375 million purchasing the first of many pieces that would eventually make up their entire property. In 2002, they purchased the adjacent lot for $3.2 million, allowing them to extend their area. The property boasted 150 feet of ocean beachfront and fetched $26 million when it was sold in 2015.

The Pacific Palisades Mansion

They’ve lived in the same amazing Pacific Palisades multi-home compound for decades, and it’s still their primary abode to this day. In 1985, he purchased the Pacific Palisades mansion from musician Bobby Vinton. Steven was thrilled to buy the house after discovering its illustrious history of past owners, who included the likes of Cary Grant and Barbara Hutton.

During the filming of “Gone With the Wind,” David Selznick resided on the property, a fact that Spielberg much admires. He has a fireplace reminiscent of Hobbit homes and a retractable TV in his Hobbit room at his Palisades property. “Hobbits were part of my personal mythology growing up,” Spielberg said in his autobiography.

Since I spend so much time in there, I thought it would be fitting to give it a Hobbit vibe. He planted grapes there in 2013. The Spielberg Palisades mansion is huge and one of a kind, making it tough to put a price on it right now. Its value is much over $100 million. A range of $150-$250 million is possible.

The Spielbergs own a horse stable not far from their Palisades house.

The New York City Apartment

They have a 6,000-square-foot apartment in New York City with a view of Central Park West. Between West 74th and West 75th Streets, in a luxury co-op building called The San Remo, is where Spielberg has his flat. Famous people have always been drawn to the structure.

Steve Jobs purchased a two-story apartment in the north tower in 1982. Despite Jobs’ years of work on the flat, he never really moved in. As an alternative, in 2003 he sold Bono’s restored apartment for $14 million. Diane Keaton, Tiger Woods, Steve Martin, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Donna Karan, Mary Tyler Moore, and countless others have all called Los Angeles home at one point or another.

The San Remo is a co-op, thus prospective buyers must first be approved as residents. The most well-known individual the co-op board has ever said no to is Madonna. In 1985, she applied to move into The San Remo but was turned down.

The East Hampton Estate

They own a 10-acre estate out in East Hampton, some of which is on the water and some of which is in a cove. The Spielberg estate spans a whopping 7.5 acres. In 2013, a woman named Courtney Ross listed a 5.5-acre parcel in the area for $75 million.

Courtney Ross is the former Chairman of Warner Communications and longtime mentor to Steven Spielberg’s husband, Steve Ross. Ross is “very much what I wish my father was,” Spielberg said of him in retrospect. Steve Ross is honored with a dedication to Schindler’s List.

After putting her home on the market for a year, Courtney sold it to David Geffen, a partner of Steven Spielberg’s at Dreamworks, for $50 million. Two years later, Geffen parted with the property for $67 million. The Spielberg-Capshaw land is, once again, at least two acres larger than the former Ross/Geffen site.

The Spielbergs own a massive estate in the Florida city of Naples. This property’s location in Old Naples’s most prestigious neighborhood is the only known detail. There are a lot of speculations floating about Naples regarding Spielberg’s residence. If Steven Spielberg acquired all the residences I’ve heard he’s bought here, he would own 62, a local realtor stated. That’s ridiculous!

Steven has also helped his children buy other properties in the Los Angeles area.

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