Suspect From New Jersey Spotted Stuffing Dead Cat Into Mailbox

Suspect From New Jersey Spotted Stuffing Dead Cat Into Mailbox

Police in New Jersey are looking for a culprit who was caught on camera stuffing a dead cat in a mailbox.

The incident happened in Cranford, New Jersey, on Sunday night at ten o’clock. The next morning, the police were informed.

The suspect may be seen on video moving down a sidewalk while clutching an indistinguishable object. Afterward, it looks to be a cat’s corpse.

After placing the dead cat in the mailbox, the guy moves near the home before turning around and leaving.

No information is available on the crime’s motivation. There haven’t been any such events nearby, according to Captain Matthew Nazzaro of the Cranford Police Department and FOX 5 New York.

It is unknown how the cat passed away. According to the authorities, the animal was injured and may have been hit by a car.

“We are seeking the public’s assistance with our attempt to identify the following person of interest who was captured on video placing a deceased cat in a resident’s mailbox,” Cranford Police Department wrote on Twitter.

Here is the tweet from CPD:

The police urge that anybody with information call Detective Matthew Siessel at 908-709-7209.

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